Honeycomb Natural Sea Sponge, ZOFLORA, Smoked Hickory flavour seasoning blend 100g

Honeycomb Natural Sea Sponge – Strong and durable –

perfect size, good price and a nice density. I’ve had ones in the past that have bigger holes/spaces and while they are just as useful as ones like this that are denser they don’t last as well, falling apart after several months. This one fits nicely into my hand and is great for either quick face freshen or all over showering. Squeeze a little foam or body wash on to it and you’ll have millions of bubbles….
If you’re an artist or into home decor this is great for paint effects. For pictures they make lovely fluffy clouds and trees especially if you use contrasting, or graduating shades of colour and for walls and furniture just dip into paint, and dab lightly and you get wonderful soft effects. Either use a colour a few shades lighter of darker or ones that’s complementary and have fun. Looks like wallpaper on walls but with much less effort! When i first tried this years ago I used a cheap synthetic sponge, tearing some random holes but it just isn’t anywhere near as good a s a natural sponge. My nan had a saying “cheap always comes dear in the end” and this illustrates that perfectly. when you’ve a room that looks like a manic snowstorm instead of subtle patterns you realise you can’t live with it, but proper sponge, more paint and take time all over again to do it properly.


I love Zoflora, and buying it this way I have one in kitchen, one in conservatory and one in each bathroom/WC. You only need a few drops and it leaves everywhere smelling really fresh. I hate disinfectants that are so strongly pine they bring up memories of school and public loos with the pine fragrance with undertones of stale urine….
I use a few drops in a spray bottle diluted with water for surfaces and wall, a couple of drops on steam mop head for floors, a few drops neat down plugholes and shower trays and of course in the loo itself. I’ve a shower, bath, sink and loo that get rarely used and this keeps them smelling fresh instead of that stale musty smell they soon develop otherwise.

Smoked Hickory flavour seasoning blend 100g from The Spiceworks – Hereford Herbs & Spices

Smoked Hickory flavour seasoning blend 100g from The Spiceworks - Hereford Herbs & Spices

was looking for some ras al hanout as I’d used the last, when this caught my eye. I’ve used it as a rub on a think piece of brisket, with a little olive oil, marinaded for 24 hours and slow cooked for six hours. It was gorgeous, lovely fragrant smokey BBQ flavour and would be great for summer BBQ with beef, lamb or chicken. Slow cooking cheaper cuts like brisket works perfectly and marinading in something like this gives added flavour. We had it shredded ( it fell apart like the ubiquitous Pulled Pork that’s everywhere now) in wraps with salad. I thickened the cooking liquid by boiling down til sticky and poured over the beef, then put everything on table and it was a quick and easy lunch. We’d been doing some house/rubbish clearing ready for moving and slinging lots in skip, recycling etc all morning so were hungry and as I’d stuck this in slow over around 7am it took about 15 mins to have lunch ready, and was so easy that its going to be one we’ll certainly do again. Cheated and used paper plates too – not for the beef but for everything else so cleaning after was a cinch. Last thing you want when you’ve been busy all morning is to spend hours preparing and serving food and clearing up after. This way I just had some cutlery, the pan used to cook beef in ( a lidded one), frying pan I used to coil down liquid and a serving dish. Simples!
I did get the ras al hanout, haven’t used that yet but may this week, as I’ve a chunk of lamb leg and some peppers which would be perfect to make biriyani.

matting for hard wearing areas, and Gtech hoovers.


Been cleaning the house, slowly….sorting rubbish and trying to get ready to put on the market. Having looked at pics of ones for sale some are…well, so cluttered. I’ve seen homes with dirty laundry in piles on floor, dirty dishes in sinks and on worktops, and of course although that’s only surface stuff it does put you off. So I’m determined to get mine looking nice. The conservatory had become a dumping ground as we’ve gone through the rest of the house so that got tackled this week. A fresh coat of paint on the walls, clean the sills of dead flies and grot…reseal the skirting boards and loo door. Now I’m scrubbing floor. did edges when everything got put in centre for walls etc and now I’ve the centre to tackle. given its a tough, slightly textured vinyl it gets dirt kind of ingrained quite quickly, scrubs up well but soon gets filthy again because I’m in and out with the scooter, trailing what seems like half the garden some days. So once its clean I thought a couple of new rugs would help. I’ve got one but that only covers part, I’ve ordered three of these hoping I can put them where the scooter goes.
That way they might, just might, collect the worst and I can vac up with my lovely new hoover. I’m fed up with getting arm-ache from hauling round my ancient Dyson, its given good service but is hard work. I get the lead tangled in wheelchair constantly too and its just so tiring so I took the plunge and bought these tow, as there was a special offer giving £50 off if bought together. I can’t believe how good they are, though the hand one has already had to have filter washed as it was so clogged with dust from the stairs…and I’d vac’d the living room tow days before but still filled up the dust section of the upright. I’m converted, they are so easy for people like me with joint issues who find heavy corded vacs hard work.

GTech Air Ram

Extra Large Dark Red Barrier Mat 120cm x 180cm (6′ x 4′)




storage boxes, frying pan and natural meal replacement shakes.

Storage Box Fabric Cube Organizer Foldable...

I bought this in cream/beige originally, and they’re perfect on my shelves, making my clothes so much tidier and easier to find. Love it so much I’ve ordered it in blue and yellow for the other two bedrooms. They’re a sensible practical size and perfect for what I wanted.

Cook Incolour 24cm Ceramic Frying Pan Blue

great price, nice solid pan, easy to clean and nothing sticks. What more can i want from a fry pan. Excellent value

Wholefood Chocolate Protein Shake (500g) Ideal for weight loss & post exercise recovery – 100% natural meal replacement – Breakfast smoothie for men & women – Drink or mix into porridge or yogurt

I started with the sample box, and then bought this. I add a little maple syrup and green and blacks cocoa powder to it. I use a blender and find it dissolves well, though it needs to be drunk within a few mins or it thickens quickly. There’s always a residue, from the nuts I guess, but so long as you drink fairly quickly it stays pretty well mixed. Its not cheap so I don’t want any left in the glass….
I find it pretty filling, and easy to make. I add the milk first then the powder to avoid any getting stuck in the bottom and not mixed. As well as the chocolate I liked the other flavours, can’t say they’re actually tasty 😉 but they are easily drinkable, and with the addition of a little maple syrup they’d much easier on the palate!
I like the idea that its not all artificial fillers, and things ultimately not good for the body, but pure and natural ingredients. I’ve been having porridge and fruit for breakfast, replacing lunch with this and having a small tea, maybe some meat or fish with plain veg, sometimes just another shake. I’ve only been doing this for a week, not sure about weight ( having one leg makes it difficult to get accurate reading…) but certainly I feel better, and can see my middle is less bloated – clothes tell me that too!

Wholefood Vegan Vanilla Protein Shake (500g) Ideal for weight loss & post exercise recovery – 100% natural meal replacement – Dairy free breakfast smoothie for men & women

Sorry, I liked the chocolate one and ordered a second bag, saw vanilla, love that flavour but…somehow the Hemp part missed my brain and yuck!! This takes revolting, like eating dried, sour grass ( I imagine, never actually tried it!!) Even the smell is overpowering. I’d added some green and Black cocoa powder and some maple syrup in an attempt to disguise the flavour but eurghh…its still awful. I’m giving up on it and going back to flavours I know I like.
Its a great idea, I love the thought of “clean” food, not fillers and preservatives, but this one – not for me.

Swear Words Colouring Book: Hilarious (and Disturbing) Adult Colouring Books

Swear Words Colouring Book: Hilarious (and Disturbing) Adult Colouring Books

I’ve not actually seen this book “in the flesh” but it caught my eye when I was browsing and I thought what a fun gift for someone who needs cheering up. forget grapes when visiting a friend in hospital, make them laugh with this book and some coloured pens/pencils instead!

Adult colouring books have become quite a trend recently, ( I have one my daughter bought me and its kind of relaxing, just colouring in the pre-drawn lines, letting thoughts wander), so take advantage and give one that’s a bit different, that has some humour too.

Of course someone with sore throat/not allowed to speak could use them as flash cards too when feeling especially frustrated 😉 Think of the stress reliever that could be….i.e. Doc comes in, smiling smugly and pronounces in that way some of them have – “how are we feeling today then Jeannie? A wee bit sore perhaps?” and then patient could hold up relevant flash card, pretending to show what they’ve been doing, but really saying S**t or  F**k Off or something 😉



I bought this at the sale price of £59, instead of full price of £119. Its more than I usually spend, and certainly I couldn’t afford it if it wasn’t on sale but….I’m still wearing an East two piece skirt/top combo I bought around 17 years ago and it doesn’t show any signs of aging.
I’m not a fashion purist, I don’t care if things are last season ( or 17 seasons ago!!) I like to wear what suits me and is comfortable and this dress is perfect.

I love the feel of merino wool, I find its very warm without adding bulk, so perfect for knit dresses such as this. I ordered it in XL as I usually wear a 16-18 dress size, and as I’m a wheelchair user larger is better. Sitting all day means comfort is important and I don’t want anything tight pulling across my hips.

The dress feels wonderfully soft, drapes well and is so easy to wear, just pull on, thats it, no zips or button to fiddle with.
The skirt flares out gently adding shape while the neckline has a wrap design creating a V neckline and a small stand-up collar. The sleeves are a good length and its the perfect winter-to-spring dress.
I also love the colour combination, I wear a lot of black and grey, its a colour that seems to work for me and is easy to brighten up with coloured tights and matching scarf or necklace.

It says hand-wash, but like most people I don’t have time for that so it went in the machine on a cool wasg, gentle/delicate setting and was fine. I did remember to turn inside out, that helps avoid piling.
I didn’t tumble dry, I never do with anything wool, it’s so easy to shink it, I just laid it over an airer to dry.

Stars: Five, It looks good, is easy to wear and will give me lots of use.

Pure Copper Water Bottle for Ayurvedic Health Benefits (Joint Free & leak proof)

Pure Copper Water Bottle for Ayurvedic Health Benefits (Joint Free & leak proof)

I was reading how under Ayurveda principles copper water utensils are good for the body.
I’ve also read that some people have copper deficiencies, and also that copper can help with weight loss. Ok any port in a storm, I’m always looking for weight loss boosters 😉 so as I love copper I thought I’d give this a try. If I didn’t like the taste then it’ll make a pretty vase.

I’d seen people complaining of mould inside, and mine had a little there. Usually suppliers put thosetiny crystal bags inside to absorb damp but this didn’t have any. Soon washed off with some hot soapy water though, as you can see from the images.

Its made in one piece, no seams to come apart or hold germs. Its got little cuts around the lid which help with grip too – I found that useful as I have issues with arthritis in my fingers and opening things can be hard. The lid also has a rubber/silicone seal to help keep it water tight.
I filled it up and left overnight ready for use next day. It holds around 700ml of water, enough to take with you if out for the day ( and save on the environment cost of disposable bottles. I’m a prime candidate for that, tend to always have one with me if out for the day so I’ll try to use this in future.
I filled it with water and gave a good shake upside down to test for leaks and I’m happy to say there were none. No use taking a leaky bottle out….

Its an attractive, hopefully useful bottle, and makes a pretty alternative to carrying plastic bottles, possibly giving a heath boost too.

Five stars.

c1 c2 c3 c4

Wikipedia Day

Thanks to author Tracey Cooper Posy 


I discovered today that yesterday was Wikipedia Day

Ok, I’m late to the party but….who doesn’t use wiki for a quick check? Its a brilliant idea IMO, though still sneered at by many. I’m not entirely sure why that is, sure there are “facts” that maybe put up but haven’t been checked but that army of volunteers wiki has spawned are pretty hot on editing.


I’m a bit of an info magnet so I love Wiki, I know there are those (esp many academics) who look down on it but I can – and have – lost hours there. I love learning, love reading snippets and odd facts, always have. As a kid my mum used to say I was a mine of useless information, I was always quoting odd stats and facts….and that hasn’t left me. I’ll look up one thing on wiki, say a song title, which will lead me to an artist, then another, then collaborations, maybe a film where the song was sued..it goes like that and suddenly I’ve spent an hour just browsing.
I donated recently, only a fiver but I just love this site. In the early days it was a tad unreliable, with people adding facts without checking but its got an army now of people who love to spend their time checking and editing, just for the love of information, certain books, films, groups, countries, people, places….so its pretty much spot on when it comes to accuracy. Its still gets knocked as an unreliable source but I find its pretty good for the stuff I want to know.
I love that it isn’t “owned” as such but an idea put out and taken up by people, not fat cat companies who control everything. that’s a mark of real neutrality IMO, when no owned company gains by controlling info.
Yay for wiki day!

Elite99 5pcs Chameleon Colour-changing Mirror Chrome Powder Pigment Nail Glitter Effect Nail Art Shine Manicure Salon Tips 1g/Box 5 Colours with Sponge Stick

I love playing with nail colours since discovering shellac nails – they last well even on careless people like me! 30 or so mins and I’ve nails that last from a week up to over two weeks depending on if I remember to take care – usually not so a week is about it for me….Now I’ve seen these “mirror finish” powders so more to play with. Of course I’m also thinking what fun they’d be in paintings……
I’ve used a plain silver one which was great but the plain gold I tried made my nails look as though they turned septic #notagoodlook

nails1 nails2 nails3

I’ve used two of these. Advice seems to be a dark base is best so I used a very dark blue polish over a base, then applied the powder loosely, burnished and sealed with a clear top coat. I’m using the gel/shellac stuff that needs UV light to cure as it lasts so much monger but I don’t see why you couldn’t use this with ordinary polish. I can’t keep that stuff looking good for 24 hours never mind a week so its the gel for me…I use Bluesky peel off base, then a soak off or peel off colour, and bluesky soak off top coat. That works best for me, everything either peels away easily or I soak in warm water for ten mins or so and they come off easily. Use rubber gloves when washing hair or dishes or nails come off as I found…
The first one came out a lovely turquoise blue sparkling mirror finish, (but I forgot to photo) then after a couple of days I added a different one, over the old polish, new top coat. I could have taken it all off but it was still firm and I just wanted to try another colour. This one has given me a greenish blue finish. I keep thinking it reminds me of something, this morning it came to me – its that lovely iridescent finish and shine you see on beetle carapaces, especially shield bugs. Its hard to see from the photos the shine and the way the top coat really brings out the colours.

I do wish though that they were labelled. I meant to write on containers when I’d done my nails but… stupidly put it back in box with the rest so I still don;t know what each colour powder brings. If I ever do remember I’ll show it here, add to my review. The powders are very similar but it is possible – just – to tell them apart from looking so hopefully my experiments might help someone else. the ones I’ve used show traces of the blue and green tints in the powder.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Merry Christmas to you all, and thanks for being part of this blog in 2016 – lets hope 2017 is a happy, healthy and wealthy new year for everyone.

May all your dreams come true.


Sonic Electric Toothbrush, AQV Easy Clean Multi-function Rechargeable Intelligent Frequency Sonic Electric Toothbrush Intelligent Model Waves Smart Timing with 2 Clean Standard Size Replacement Brush Heads

Sonic Electric Toothbrush, AQV Easy Clean Multi-function Rechargeable Intelligent Frequency Sonic Electric Toothbrush Intelligent Model Waves Smart Timing with 2 Clean Standard Size Replacement Brush Heads

So I use an electric toothbrush and have had my current one for years.Well, can you beat the AQV Sonic  Power Toothbrush and produce 31,000 brush strokes per minute? Nope 😉 of course not and yet its still very gentle and safe to use.

Its got three modes of use, v my old on-or-off choice! It’s so simple , plug in, charge up and use.
Comes with everything you need and a spare head. If you value your teeth – and you should, get a decent brush and use it.
These are far superior to manual ones, and yet very gentle. It has two timers, one to tell you when to move to a different section and the other to tell you when two mins is up, the dentist recommended amount of time to spend on your teeth.

My old brush had a round head, and new ones seem to be mostly like this, a rectangular one that moves up and down rather than in circles. At first I found I banged my teeth often, as if was so different but I’ve got used to it. TBH I’d still prefer a round motion one with the small round head brush, as I’ve a small jaw but I guess things change for a reason and maybe research has proved this is better. I want to keep my teeth healthy so I’ll go with it.

What does concern me is replacement heads, sellers say they will be selling them soon but currently they don’t. I tried a Braun one, and that’s too big so they might be difficult to find. You can’t tell till you’ve bought them if non AQV ones will fit so it could prove expensive.

Stars: Four, a great brush but reservations over obtaining replacement heads

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.