High Quality Julienne Peeler & Vegetable Peeler


High Quality Julienne Peeler & Vegetable Peeler
Well, after using this on a variety of fruits and veg I took some pics…but being the tech disaster I am somehow between transferring them from phone to pc I’ve lost them – and I stupidly ticked the delete box so I haven’t a copy on phone! If I get a chance I’ll take more and add edit my review later.

Anyway, this is a really fantastic product. It’s incredibly sharp – I first used it in the way I peel spuds with a knife, pulling device towards me, holding potato in left hand. After making some wonderful thin potato slices and  matchsticks for crisps I found I’d also shredded a layer of skin on my palm and thumb! Its so sharp I hadn’t even noticed…so beware and peel away from hands instead of towards. The crisps and matchsticks were perfect for frying though, produced some great crisps and chip-sticks. I used potatoes but you could use any firm veg, carrots, beetroot, butternut squash maybe? I deep fried and drained on kitchen paper but you can make crisps in the microwave – YouTube shows some easy methods.
I also sliced and julienned carrots and apples, which were so quick and easy to do. I used the slicing/peeling side on an onion, and got perfect wafer thin onion shreds that combined with the carrot and apple juliennes made a great and attractive salad. Radishes, cucumber, even melon and pears would work .Its just so quick, and the potential for different recipes is endless. As well as the peeling and julienne blades, there’s a triangular part on one side and a semi circle on the other for if you wish to decorate veg, or slice out shapes. This would look good on a cucumber and then use peeler for thin slices maybe? Its full of so many versatile parts that making fruit and veg attractive is easy. I also used it on cheese, making some slices for toasties, and some juliennes strips for melting into a sauce. Easier than a grater and less messy.
I’ve arthritis in my hands so my finger joints are bent, and using a conventional peeler or knife is hard and painful, but holding the spud in my left hand and using the peeler away from me it was quick and easy and – the real bonus – pain free. The handle is long enough to grip securely with my whole hand and doesn’t slip. I think if you want to use on some fruit and veg and get the last bit julienned or sliced, it may help to either insert a metal skewer or a fork in one end so you can hold that instead and avoid slicing fingers….
Its so sharp I wouldn’t let young children use it, and older kids need showing how to use safely. Sharp is what makes is so quick and easy though, so I’d rather it was like this than blunt and safe for kids.
Its easy to clean and for stubborn bits that get stuck there’s a useful brush to remove them included. I’ve slicing and grating attachments on a food mixer, but by time I’ve got it out and then cleaned all the parts it just isn’t worth it, and rarely use it. I can use this and have everything ready and device clean again by the time I’ve got mixer out of cupboard and put together for use.
I can see this device is going to get constant use, being so quick to use and easy to clean.
NB: Product supplied for review purposes.

Edit: 11 nov 15. this has been used constantly and I recently discovered its great for stringing runner beans and also peeling butternut squash. I love that roasted but each time I try to peel one it feels like I’m risking my life – well my hands and arms – as the peel is So Tough and knives tend to slip on it. Using this tough its a doddle. I cut off the stalk end and simply pulled the peeler along as it lay on the board, with me holding it steady via the wide ( blossom) end. I usually discard that part as the flesh is pretty thin there but it would be easy to simply reverse it for peeling if wanted. I pulled peeler over twice as you can see from the images the first peel still leaves a bit on. 

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