spovan® Multifunction PU Leather Watch 3D Smart Pedometer Calorie Mileage Smart Bike Outdoor Running Sports Watch


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spovan® Multifunction PU Leather Watch 3D Smart Pedometer Calorie Mileage Smart Bike Outdoor Running Sports Watch

This arrived very securely packaged, with a sleeve that pulls out to reveal a robust matt black cardboard box. That makes it look great as a gift, and helps keep it safe in transit. One of my pet hates is broken items so I’m happy that the suppliers have put thought into this.

The watch itself is attractive with quite a large face, but that’s needed for the information it gives. I found it comfortable, I’ve a medium size wrist and it still has four smaller holes, my husband found it a little tight. He has a large wrist and had it on the last but one hole, he could have used last hole and been more comfortable but then there wouldn’t have been enough strap left to tuck into the keeper.

Functionality was good once we’d worked out the instructions. Stupidly I couldn’t find them and the sellers kindly sent me a PDF, and then embarrassingly I looked in the box, right at the base and there they were * blush*

The time date can be set in different ways, according to choice. By using instructions and trial and error we worked out the rest. The stopwatch and timer are easy to set, as are the two alarms ( once I realised I’d chosen 24 hour format and then set the alarm for 2 am instead of 2 pm…..

The big attraction for me was the pedometer – it works by arm movement. I wondered how it would pick up steps, and its set so as to only pick up regular arm swings such as when walking, and not random arm movements. I guess that why its not recommended while jogging etc as the arms don’t move the same way. For best accuracy you’d need to count out say ten steps, , and then walk them and see how many it records on the watch. Then measure the length to get an accurate measurement of how far you’ve walked as opposed to how many steps you’ve taken. It shows too the calories used, and again if you want accuracy you need to compare actual steps to recorded ones and then calculate. For general purposes though this is perfect, and even with pedometers that fit on legs you need to fine tune measurements so I feel this is a useful device for fitness and weight control. Seeing the steps and calories used must be a powerful incentive to just do that bit more, burn off a little more calories, work off that sneaked in choc bar or biscuit!

It’s also waterproof though I didn’t test that. It would be useful if you want to know how far you’ve swum if it works on say Breaststroke or Crawl, though would need to fine tune how to work it out.

We did find the steps/calories info quite hard to read, even with the light. It’s displayed just about the time info and in quite small text. That’s my only criticism though, and overall this is a great gadget and value for money.

NB: Product received for review purposes.

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