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It being a long while since I’ve done yoga I used the web to find out some things to search for when choosing an exercise mat. I’ve been meaning to restart and as I’m an amputee I’ll be using sitting poses, so this mat is a good choice for me. I need comfort and of course non slip when I’m trying to get up – you try rising from floor with only one leg – its not easy and a slipping surface is a nightmare!!
Things to look for :
1. Thickness; Too thin, can be uncomfortable, too thick yoga mats can feel wobbly when standing. making you more wobbly. Thinner ones roll up easily for carrying. 2). Material; Foam or Fabric/jute types seem to be most common. Think about how well they grip floor, any allergies ( i.e. Latex) and how they seem up to wear, especially if used frequently. Foam rubber ones may wear in patches, jute ones probably longer lasting but thinner. Any info on treated finishes, eco friendly, anti-bacterial etc. How easy is it to clean? 3). Texture, Foam.rubber types grip well, jute/cotton ones may slip unless some anti slip or textured backing. Will texture irritate you ? Think about how well it grips feet, esp. when holding standing poses.
My thoughts on this mat:
1. Its not as thick as the foam mats, having a jute surface one side and a non slip foam backing.For those who value the non slip part more than the impact absorbency of the foam ones this will be a good choice. My friend who broke her hip a couple of years back is very wary of slips now – having done the same thing I am too, but standing isn’t possible for me. She looked at these and said the jute would be her first choice for the slip protection it offers.  I think if you do a lot of standing poses this is excellent, but for me being seated its not so good, though the non slip part does appeal.  It does offer some joint support but not as much as the foam ones. Its really all down to personal preference. This to me is also much more traditional in design, and yoga also focuses on mental exercise so I think that will have a big impact for traditionalists. When I attended a class years ago, having three small kids and needing some mental relaxation, I used a bath towel. Money was tight and I couldn’t afford a mat. I can tell you its not ideal, no joint protection and very slippery on the wood floor surface of the hall we used. The tutor talked about using the same mat or substitute all the while, and to focus on making that our mental “island” so the relaxing connection started as soon as we got it ready. ( the group I attended was not a friendly informal one though…when someone accidently – err- let wind rather nosily no one cracked a smile, total silence while I tried hard not to convulse sniggering…nope, not my sort of group, so I simply practised at home after that.
2.  As with the totally foam mats from this company  the construction of this one is from  hypoallergenic and free of harmful substance materials (Latex and Phthalate free). It can be cleaned easily with simple soft brush and soapy water. I would wipe over after each use with a disinfectant on a cloth to keep fresh and clean. Having a jute surface one side rather than foam smooth one its not so easy to wipe clean, but to me its very important to get any dirt off each time. A soft brush scrub every now and then should ensure that.
3. This jute mat has excellent grip on both carpet and hard floors. Its terrific for standing poses and feels very stable, but to me not so good for sitting poses. It all depends on what is priority for you and what kind of Yoga/Pilates or similar you do.. It does have some impact protection but less than the foam ones
Its a good all round choice when non slip/grip is the priority.
Product supplied for review purposes.

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