Hydrea London Wool Sea Sponge for Bath 4.5 to 5-inch

I’m an Amazon addict….its my first “go to” when I need something. the web is great for money saving, its so easy to compare prices and save cash, and for people like me, who use a wheelchair is far easier that the trauma of shopping, getting there, finding proper parking, trying to get in shops with steps, small doorways, clutter inside, pavements that are steeply sloped and uneven, the hassle of trying to carry purchases while pushing wheelchair – and I can’t so I have to get someone to come with me. It means taking up their time too. Its stressful and exhausting so no wonder so many of us use the web!! Anyway, I’ve been looking at getting one of these for a while, my old face cloths were getting….just faded and rough so this week I finally bought one. I’d forgotten how fabulous they feel, make bathing feel a luxury.

This is fabulous, feels so silky no rough patches as I’ve had on other sponges. There’s something special about natural sponges, they feel like a bit of luxury for so little cost. This one is the perfect size for me, I’ve medium size hands and it fits well. I don’t want one thats so large I can’t squeeze it out and so have water and suds dripping everywhere, nor so small its useless.Small ones are great for makeup ( and for paint effects for artists!) but for washing/bathing this size is perfect.

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