DoYourFitness Acupressure Mat & Head Cushion Set »Jimuta« / Mat + Carry Bag + Pillow do your sports website link

DoYourFitness Acupressure Mat & Head Cushion Set »Jimuta« / Mat + Carry Bag + Pillow do your sports website
Acupuncture, and it’s sister therapy acupressure, fascinates me. It’s been around for many centuries now and I’ve seen articles citing its use on dogs and horses where they seem to derive benefit. Its easy to suggest its all in the mind with people but animals? They don’t know its supposed to help. I’m a bit phobic over needles though so this mat seemed like a great compromise.
It arrived with some other test/review products and I have to say when I first took it out of the box my daughter and I were “ what on earth is this? What do we do with it??” We thought maybe the spikes were to get a better grip on the floor and it would be used as an exercise mat, but they didn’t look quite right for that. Then when we saw the acupressure label it was all clear, though it still looked very uncomfortable and more like a device for torture rather than something for comfort and relaxation. Surprisingly its not at all like that, and once weight is spread over it is very relaxing, very comfortable. The spikes do scratch bare skin on passing but somehow once I was lying on them it was fine.

I do get lot of joint pain, and spending my time in a wheelchair means at the end of the day my back, especially the lower vertebrae ache a lot. I’m hoping this mat will help with that, though use it on a sofa or bed as though floor is more usual it’s difficult for me. getting down there is no problem – in fact I seem to spend time there far too often when I don’t intend it, but getting back up with only one leg is hard, and means I need to use my arms and back, areas of pain for me so the sofa/bed is a compromise. I’ve not used it enough to see real benefit yet but I understand the principle, it makes sense to me and I’m sure it will help. Anything that can aid without side effects has to be worth a try.
It comes with a pillow of the same construction and with a drawstring tie bag to keep it in and hang up out of way. that’s useful, if things have to be kept in a cupboard or drawer too often we don’t bother getting them out but this can be hooked up wherever its needed ready for use.

The construction of this mat is from 100% cotton and is washable which is great, especially considering the spikes are recommenced next to skin, and can’t easily be wiped over to clean. .Beware though – separate from other washing or the spike will turn everything into one big ball…..I like that the roller has been tested with an independent company Looking at their website gives an indication of how through their testing process is, and gives me confidence in the product. Its a good all round choice when non slip/grip is the priority.

Product supplied for review purposes.

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