TixTop Grout Colorant DIY Kit – Stain & Dirt Resistant Mould Remover and Grout Cleaner


TixTop Grout Colorant DIY Kit – Stain & Dirt Resistant Mould Remover and Grout Cleaner
This arrived very securely packaged, and on opening I found a large cardboard box packed full of materials. On opening I saw that everything was neatly packed but that the instructions were very brief and referred me to an online video for help. I went to the site, added my email as requested and was informed a link to the video would be sent soon. That was Friday at around 3 pm, it’s now Saturday 9 am and no link….I’d though it would be an instant YouTube link – something I use all the while and which could be easily done Tixtop – how about it? No more waiting for links to videos that don’t arrive. When I’m in the mood to do something I want to do it Now not hours/days later, and most people are the same. We’re the this instant generation I guess and if one company doesn’t provide it we move on to another.

The biggest issue I has was that there was very little in the way of  instructions and the product labels aren’t in English. Just two bottles labelled 1, another labelled 2 and a fourth labelled 3. Not helpful. Looking through other reviews I found what each bottle was used for, but this is quite a serious issue in my opinion, A) because chemicals mixed together can be hazardous B) if that should happen then there’s no knowing what the chemicals are and of course C) if you’ve young kids around and any of this could get spilled/swallowed/in eyes etc the hospital needs to know what has been used. I’m pretty sure UK laws state that contents should be clearly labelled and advice on what to do if ingested or spilled on person included. There’s nothing on these bottles, or in the box even to help and to me that’s a huge safety issue that needs addressing ASAP.
So, having read what each bottle is used for I started on an area behind my cooker where the grout is very discoloured. I used the cleaner in bottle 1, the clear liquid, the other (green) liquid also labelled 1 being for mould removal, bathrooms etc I guess. I used a small section of cloth to apply neat, though now I think next time I’ll use one of the applicators and just run some liquid along the tiles. Then scrubbed with the wooden toothbrush like implement and wiped clean. Added an applicator to the grout colourant in bottle two and ran that along the grouting. Somehow I ended up with a thin line that didn’t reach edge of grout but still far too much so used my finger ( in disposable glove ) to spread over the grout, and of course there being so much there it went over the tiles too…..Next time I plan on just putting a little on fingertip and running along the grouting – it’ll still spread, but there will be much less waste and much less mess over the tiles. I didn’t want to wipe off while still wet in case I also wiped off what was on the grouting. I’m not sure whether it should be wiped while wet or left as I did for 20 mins or so to dry out a bit…as I’m still waiting for the video link ;- ) I wiped off excess after 20 mins from tiles with paper towels and finally several changes of soapy water to clean the tiles. It did look 100% better when it was done but it was awkward, not having good instructions, time consuming as I spent more time cleaning up the excess colourant I’d used that had spread everywhere than actually doing the grout cleaning. I’ve taken some photos and if amazon are playing ball with me I’ll add them here. ( ie If I work out how to do it sucessfully…so far, having followed instruction on other reviews and added photos, I see them on the preview bit they get lost from final review??? I don’t know what I’m not doing, maybe this time it’ll come right)

I feel its very expensive for what it is. It may last far longer than cheaper products, but for me I think I’d just use one of the grout touch up sticks available for under a fiver, and simply clean the grout first with some soapy water. If it needs redoing more frequently than this product does then so be it. You pay for quality but sometimes there’s a balance to be made and you need to choose what’s more important to you.

What I do like is that the product is environment friendly and no toxic chemicals are used. Of course I’d like it better if there was a list of ingredients so I could check for myself, being a naturally questioning person, but there isn’t :- (

Stars: Well, the product certainly works well and is worth five stars, but given the labelling issues, the lack of instructions and the cost I can’t rate it more than a three overall.
NB: Product supplied for review purposes.


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