PWR Plus Natural Sports Energy Beetroot & Caffeine Shot Drink


PWR Plus Natural Sports Energy Beetroot & Caffeine Shot Drink 
OVIO Wellness is a UK company started up by Dom and Susan, creating healthy natural drinks with olive leaf water infusions – bringing a key building block of the Mediterranean diet to you as liquid supplements and functional drinks. Given the way everyone seems to carry a bottle of some liquid with them wherever they go it makes sense to make that a healthy drink rather than the unhealthy ones often seen. /even diet drinks aren’t actually healthy even if they don’t have the sugar issues associated with weight issues and tooth decay. The company states their products are free from added sugar, preservatives, sweeteners or any artificial ingredients, and that’s good to know if you are concerned about what you are putting in your body. This one has been formulated and tested by professional athletes and is approved by Informed Sport a UK based “no drugs in sport” certification, very important for competitive sports.
So, this one, it was only me that tested it. Its very thick, and I drank half then gave in and watered down the rest before chugging it back.  Its strongly beetroot tasting naturally, but not actually unpleasant just a bit overpowering. Its a good way to get a quick energy boost. I did feel a bit more alert but to be fair caffeine  doesn’t have a huge effect on me unless I really drink loads. I did mull over if you took it with a shot of vodka or tequila would that could as healthy  drinking ;- ) It does count as one of your five a day fruit and veg, so an easy way for those who want to up their vitamin intake.
If you want a quick easy way to carry a shot of caffeine with you this is great, and I can see the benefits for athletes especially with the sports body approval. It’s a lot healthier too for students cramming for exams than the traditional coffee/red bull type combos.

Stars: Five, a great idea for those needing an energy boost but in a healthy way.
NB: Product supplied for review purposes.

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