Electric Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser


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I love my home to smell nice but conventional plug ins or similar are very expensive, and of course full of chemicals. Do you really want to be breathing in them all the while? I tend to use candles or oil burners with water and a few drops of fragrance essential oils, so when offered the chance to review this I was really pleased. Its so easy to use, just add water, a few drops of whatever oil you want, switch on and instantly the room fills with gentle perfume. The mister is efficient, and of course I’d imagine in winter will add a little much needed humidity to a room which gets dry air from radiators etc.

It changes colours through blues and purples, to greens and fascinates my four year old grandson. In fact all the kids love it and the fact that the mist isn’t hot, and just drifts slowly to dissipate in the air. The colour change is more subtle than others I’ve used and doesn’t really show up well during daytime but the mister having three setting is useful. At night the colours really come into their own and look so special. It automatically switches off once water container is empty. It’s pretty simple and easy to use but….the instructions to open and for use are inside the actual unit. Once I’d worked out how to open it that was fine but at first I just looked at it and thought “ how? “what?”…. Its very attractive to look at, certainly prettier than many I’ve seen but I found it a little fiddly to use. I have issues with my hands which mean gripping things can be awkward and this was quite hard for me to open. The shape makes gripping it hard, and its so light it slipped out of my hands easily. Once the top is off then its open, and then the inner top removed it’s simple to add water with the measuring cup supplied and a few drops of whatever oil you fancy. Tap water can be used, no special bottles or anything.  I’ve found with these its best to wipe out inside every few uses or an oil residue tends to accumulate.

I loved the look of this, far more aesthetically pleasing than most I’ve seen but did find it a bit more fiddly to use than others I’ve tried. If you’ve not got the hand issues I have then that probably wouldn’t worry you of course. The light weight of it means its very easy to knock over, somehow it seemed every time I passed I bumped it. I’d prefer a more stable unit, but that’s personal of course.

Stars: Four.

Product supplied for review purposes

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  1. Metal Music says :

    I shared your post 24 however it seems your WP theme doesnt show up well under the browser Demonecromancy I had to use Firefox… hope it is fixed ! https://bestblackmetal.wordpress.com/2015/09/23/sewer-the-most-satanic-black-metal-band-ever/


    • jeanniezelos says :

      sorry, but tech stuff is still much a mystery to me,I’m sorry you’ve had issues sharing ( and thanks for that BTW – it’s appreciated) but I’ve no idea how to make easier to share 😦


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