Blueberry Pet 2cm M 3M Reflective Neoprene Padded Dog Collar in Pastel Misty Blue, Medium Collars for Dogs

roxyflash1roxyflash3blue collar connectionblue collar adjustmentblue collar adjustmentBlueberry Pet 2cm M 3M Reflective Neoprene Padded Dog Collar in Pastel Misty Blue, Medium Collars for Dogs
Review from Jeannie’s product reviews
My daughter’s dogs were the testers for these collars. Flash is a lab x spaniel, six years old.
This collar looks great on him. It’s made of a soft polyester webbing and nicely padded. The inner is a black fabric, and its fully washable. It feels as though it will dry very quickly, useful if caught out in the rain when the smell of wet dog can last in a slow to dry collar such as the cotton or leather types. The fit is very adjustable, Flash has the medium collar in blue, and that’s on the larger side of adjustment but still has more room) These collars and harness to cover a wide range of sizes.

What we liked:
-The reflective addition; walking dogs in winter months, early mornings or evenings, or days when its rainy and just a dull gloom means anything to make them stand out to traffic is excellent, and the reflective parts on this work really well. I will be adding some night photos to this review soon to show just how vivid the harness is, and how well that reflection works at catching the tiniest flicker of light.
-The fit covers a wide range of sizes, and doesn’t rub or pull coat hair. Both dogs have short hair but I feel this would be just as good for a long hair dog. They’ve both taken to wearing them comfortably, no rubbing trying to remove it which is excellent.
-The clips to connect are eco-friendly plastic, but strong and very simple to clip together. For people like myself with hand/finger issues for whom buckles present problems this type of clip is perfect.
– I like that the name tag attachment is separate from the lead clip, too often they’re a combined function and the name tag gets caught/damaged when clipping the lead on.
– Washable, so when they roll in the fox poo – every time they visit me it seems Flash finds some….its quick to wash it off and dry the collars. Yesterday ( Aug. bank hol Mon) when both days were here it was raining, I’ve a large muddy garden and both collars got very wet, but dried quickly without much “wet dog” smell.
– Even if your dogs don’t do things like that – and most dogs can find something smelly to roll in- collars still pick up grease from coats and dirt from everyday wear but a quick wash and these look great again.
– Its an attractive collar with plastic adjustment sliders that match the colour of the fabric. In daytime the reflectors are a subtle grey colour.

Product supplied for review purposes.

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