VicTsing Slim Portable USB 2.0 External Optical DVD-RW CD-RW Burner Writer Drive Black


VicTsing Slim Portable USB 2.0 External Optical DVD-RW CD-RW Burner Writer Drive Black

Review from Jeannie’s product reviews

This arrived well packaged in a cardboard box, with everything inside in plastic bags.

I love the plug and play stuff where tech illiterate people like me can just plug something in and everything goes automatically from there, so I was pleased to see this seems idiot proof. Sadly though – embarrassingly so – I still messed up. Plugged into pc using a front USB port, inserted an audio disc and…nothing. I thought maybe it was my headphones ( my pc speakers have died) so tried various combinations, tried another disc, still nothing. I was pretty sure it was me not the unit, given my issues with Tech at times. (Windows 10 upgrade nearly send me demented before I finally got everything working)….


Then my eldest grandson came to stay for a few days. “ Help Daz, I can’t get this working” I cried, only to be given a withering look, the second cable plugged in and hey presto – sound! So for idiots like myself Both cables are needed. I’d thought the second one was for some other kind of connection, TBH I didn’t even think much about it as we’re so used to seeing cables for every purpose. I was confused because my external hard drive only needs one cable, and I assumed – wrongly! – that this would be the same.

Anyway once working its fine, good quality sound, simple to use as everything loads easily, and software is found and installed automatically. It runs pretty quietly and Daz tells me if you don’t have many spare USB ports as many gadgets don’t, then you can get an adapter to convert one to many, kind of like the electricity adapters than turn one socket into four I guess…

So many gadgets now don’t have DVD drives, relying on micro USB drives, and yet there are still so many things that need them. The search for thinner, sleeker, lighter devices means all but essentials get taken off. That’s fine til you need to play cd’s, DVD’s or back up work and photos. I tend to use my external hard drive for that, but of course this will easily burn to CDs anything you need to keep a spare copy of. Having lost work before due to failed hard drive I’d advise always having some form of back-up and this proves a cheap, easy and functional way to do it.

As a keen Gamer Daz says many games still come on discs so he has to use his pc for them, but with this light, easy to use, portable device they can be played anywhere on devices without DVD drives.

Stars: Five, an easy, inexpensive way to extend the use of devices without built in DVD. Just remember you need to use both cables!

Product supplied for review purposes.


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