EC Technology® Bluetooth 4.1 Earphones

Headphones Syllable  Bluetooth 4.1 Earphones Lightweight with Mic Hands-free 

Review from Jeannie’s Product Reviews

The packaging was fine, they came in a box, with the headphones inside their own box so very robust packaging, preventing damage in transit. Inside the headphones and attachments are encased in a clear open plastic container. I’d have liked  a simple drawstring bag or something similar for storage, as its too easy to lose pieces without something like that to keep them together.

This set consists of the headphones, a short charging cable ( around 6-8 inches) and some spare different sized ear buds for the earpieces.  The charging cable is a simple USB/mini USB connection – I love these, my kindle and my phone also takes them so one cable charges all devices, making life far simpler that when we used o have a myriad of different ends on chargers.  The controls on are on the earpieces and  take some time to get used to, with a simple on/off and up/down  to adjust music and volume etc. To be honest I prefer those with control on the cable, but its all a matter of personal preference and doesn’t affect how effective they are. the unit is very attractive with the shiny dark plastic over the ear piece and a vivid, almost acid yellow/green cable – won’t lose those easily! .

It’s easy to connect to a device, even for a techphobe like myself. My phone found it very quickly and paired easily. I then tested range and it stayed connected and clear at a range of around twenty- twenty five feet. I’m sure it would probably go further buts that as far as I tested. It was easy to answer calls. The sound quality was excellent. Where this set fell down for me was the earpieces. I couldn’t seem to get a good fit, so while they were fine while sitting if I moved around they came loose very quickly, and I don’t feel they’d stay in while doing sports such as running. I also feel a clip to attach the cable to clothes would have been good so as to stop them getting lose/dropped in the event they fall out.

Its the old horses for courses, if you want great sound while keeping relatively still then they are excellent, but if you’re moving about you may find, like me, that they dislodge easily.



Stars: Four, excellent sound, easy to use but fit and controls on ear piece dropped stars for me.

Product supplied for review purposes.


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