Bolt power 400A Peak Current 13600mAh Portable Booster Emergency Power Source Multifunctin Car Jump Starter D28


Review from Jeannie’s Product Reviews

This arrived in a sturdy cardboard box, and in an attractive green product box. Inside is the charger and attachments, all held together neatly in a robust fabric zipped container. The edges of this are bound making it hardwearing and long lasting. This way everything is to hand when needed, and the whole unit can be hung up in the car ready to use. Inside each attachment is secure, within wither a pouch or an elastic holder, so they won’t rattle around loosely and get damaged. Its easy to see instantly which part you need.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a useful charger with so many different attachments. It really looks as though they’ve covered almost all devices. Of course I know the easy ones such as laptop/phone/kindle/iPhone etc. but there’s a host of other ends, so it looks like whatever device you need to charge will be covered here! Its simple to recharge the unit itself , just plug into electric socket. The blue lights on the top of the device tell you how much charge is there.
Its an impressive device, and much thought appears to have gone into its functionality. Instead of endless cables charging different devices this one is all you need. We’re off to Center Parcs in November and I know this will be perfect, not only for charging everyone’s phones, laptops and tablets, and of course my Kindle – most important! – but also for the journey home. Like most people we leave car parked all the while we’re there, staying on the complex all the while, and on home-going day in the colder months the car park is full of local garages making a handy sum jump starting lots of cars. Take this unit and save a potential bill for that too.
We’ve also a garden tractor that occasionally needs jump starting, especially if its not been used for a while, such as in springtime after the long winter break, and this will save much blood, sweat and tears rather than rummaging around for jump leads, then pushing tractor down garden to the car to connect the two. We had one of the old heavy, clumsy charging packs, but that didn’t last long and the cable to charge it soon got lost. With everything kept in the handy pack that won’t happen here.
As well as the charging function this has a good bright torch that has three settings, full on, slow flash, fast flash. I thought at first the unit needed charging as the torch didn’t seem to be working, but the switch needs pressing for three seconds, handy to avoid accidentally switching on and of course draining the charge. Its really an essential pack for winter travelling, giving you car charger, torch for nights/dull days, and backup charge for phone if you need to call for help. The only suggestion my family could come up with is a cigarette port, so that a tyre air pump could be used….Its comes with it’s own manual but other than my issue with the torch ( user error!) its pretty self explanatory even for a non tech like myself.
I think this is just perfect for any car owner, giving peace of mind and saving expensive car call outs.
Stars: Five.
Product supplied for review purposes.
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