Aglaia Aromatherapy Essential oil Diffuser Ultrasonic Cool Mist with Colour LED light and Auto Timer (BE-A3, Plastic)

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Aglaia Aromatherapy Essential oil Diffuser Ultrasonic Cool Mist with Colour LED light and Auto Timer (BE-A3, Plastic)

Review from Jeannie’s Product Reviews

This arrived well packaged, and undamaged, in it’s own display box within a packing one.

I love my home to smell nice but conventional plug ins or similar are very expensive, and of course full of chemicals. Do you really want to be breathing in them all the while? I tend to use candles or oil burners with water and a few drops of fragrance essential oils, so when offered the chance to review this I was really pleased. Its so easy to use, just add water, a few drops of whatever oil you want, switch on and instantly the room fills with gentle perfume. The mister is efficient, and of course I’d imagine in winter will add a little much needed humidity to a room which gets dry air from radiators etc.

This one doesn’t change colour as many do but does have two setting for bright or dimmer, and is a soft creamy fawn colour light. Its very attractive to look at, coming in an attractive soft cool white and being a gentle curved shape, with a smooth, even body, with a wood effect base. If you love diffusers but find the lights annoying then this may be the one for you. Personally I love the coloured ones but then I love this one too….hard to choose 😉 The plug and lead are black – usually they are white and I find that the black for me is aesthetically more pleasant.  It’s pretty simple and easy to use , with clear instructions and its easy for me to undo – important given I have arthritis in my hands. Once the top is off then simply add water and a few drops of whatever oil you fancy. Tap water can be used, no special bottles or anything.  I’ve found with these its best to wipe out inside every few uses or an oil residue tends to accumulate.  Its  very quiet when running and it automatically switches off once water container is empty. There are two mist settings, continuous and intermittent.  Its light too, so easy to carry from room to room.  Even though it’s light this unit is quite stable and not easily knocked over. It comes with full instructions ( though its really easy to work out), but no measuring cup. the fill line is clear but a measuring cup is useful and I missed not having one. . I think these are perfect for every home.


Stars: Five


Product supplied for review purposes



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