a few recent purchases.

Pentel MLJ20 Stylo Tradio Fountain Pen Refill Blue Ink (each)

I bought this for granddaughter, she’s 14 . Sadly she was in trouble at school first day she used it as it leaked badly all over her hands and work, and her teachers were very annoyed. Very disappointed with product 😦

OXO Good Grips Smooth Potato Masher

Our old M&S masher had died, the handle was loose and it made it difficult to use so I was browsing for a new one. When I saw this one i was intrigued. Its great, far easier to use than conventional ones, and leaves mash smooth and creamy without lumps, and takes much less effort to use. If like me you’ve damaged hand joints the grip placement and the fact its got absorbent properties means its comfortable to use.

It feels robust enough to last a long while too.

Absolute Aromas Fir Balsam Essential Oil 10ml 

I bought for aroma diffuser, leaves a lovely christmassy perfume in the air though not as strong as I’d hoped ( i just add a few drops more though -at this price it still lasts ages) I prefer this way of just water and pure essential oils to chemical fragrances that cost a fortune and leave the air full of potentially harmful things.

Absolute Aromas Organic Orange Sweet Essential Oil

I bought for aroma diffuser, leaves a lovely citrus perfume in the air , and I also use it when steaming my floors, add a few drops to the cloth and leaves room smelling gorgeous ( -at this price it lasts ages) I prefer this way of just water and pure essential oils to chemical fragrances that cost a fortune and leave the air full of potentially harmful things.

Metal Galvanised Wheelbarrow with 12″ Pneumatic Tyre Heavy Duty Garden DIY NEW

Its quite a lightweight barrow but at that price I wasn’t expecting something heavy duty so that’s fine. Its easy to assemble, and once together its easy to push while empty, but when loaded its a bit unstable and seems to tip very easily. We’ve had a few loads of logs over the carpet now… I guess the answer is to keep loads minimal, that brings it down from five to four stars.

The reason I’ve dropped a star from the four to a three final rate is that when it arrived it was very badly dented. Not a few small dints but some serious dents that made it a bit difficult to assemble on one side, but we managed to get there… The packaging was a simply thin shrink wrap plastic and of course parcels get some rough treatment in transit so it wasn’t surprising this had several very large dents in. I emailed pics immediately to the sellers, and they were excellent, we came to an arrangement over discount – things do go wrong when buying from the Net and its how sellers handle it that’s a real mark of their customer service and I can’t fault them for this. Hopefully they’ve taken note of the packing issue and improved it.

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