Bluetooth Portable Stereo Speaker, Bluetooth Headset

Stoga Bigpower S008 Wireless Bluetooth Portable Stereo Speaker with SD Card Slot for iPhone Samsung Laptop PC-Blue

Review from Jeannie’s Product Reviews

Arrived in secure packaging in a display box within a packing box. Its a fun looking speaker, coming in a range of colours, and feeling very solid and robust. We’ve the blue one, which is a bright turquoise. It comes with a USB charging cable and an audio cable, so can be easily connected to non Bluetooth headset if wanted.

I found the Blue Tooth pairing very quick and easy, simply follow instructions, and the voice tells you its paired. It made me smile too “ The Bluetooth dewice is ready to pairs” Likewise the FM radio comments….we all need a smile sometimes don’t we? I guess my attempts at Chinese would have them falling about too! I found receiving calls through it clear and simple.

The addition of the memory stick slot is great and means even more variation in the way its connected for music, in addition to MP3/4, IPod  and phone.

We had some issues connected the radio – it does take a lot of patience but once it finds the station its clear and can go very loud. The teens will love that. It does get confusing having the volume up and down on same buttons as the scan up and down. Its quick tap for scan, hold down for volume, but there’s also an auto scan that you just press down and leave it to find on its own. We used that then the scan tap to refine station reception. When its scanning you’ll see a light inside flashing on and off so you kow what its doing even though it just sounds like static – just wait it out on low vol!

I think for an indoor or outdoor speaker this is perfect, easily portable, simple to charge, great sound and lots of ways to connect for music. We’ll be using this one in the conservatory.

Product supplied for review

stoga soo8




Stoga GM02 Bluetooth V4.0 Headphone Wireless Sports Bluetooth Headsets Stereo Music Earphone For Samsung Galaxy

Review from Jeannie’s Product Reviews

Arrived in secure packaging in a display box within a packing box. Its a decent headset and  comes in a range of colours, and feels pretty robust. Its comes with a charging cable. Eldest grandson who’s a great Gamer loves these wireless headsets, though this isn’t a specific gaming one, though not being a Gamer I’m not sure what the difference is.

This isn’t as padded as some I’ve tried, but has a kind of soft silicon feel plastic inside the head part and padded earphones, with what I guess are holes to help against sweating. I know from experience with some of the larger, deep padded ones they are really comfortable, but do make ears sweat badly over time. These being a bit smaller I think would help with that, though I did get some sweating issues. I guess in a way that’s inevitable though. There are extension adjusters just above the ear pieces, simply slide open and adjust to what size needed. Even though I’ve a small head I needed to extend this a bit, though they would go further. I note some people have found them too small, I  found them fairly comfortable to wear but as noted I have a small head, and if yours isn’t you may need to be wary of sizing.

I found the Blue Tooth pairing very quick and easy, I simply followed instructions and it was more or less instant. Bonus for no techs like me….I tried making and receiving calls and that worked well, with clear sound. Its a great set for working on Pc’s ( with blue tooth of course – mine isn’t, have to use the dreaded cables! Maybe I need to invest in a gadget for making PC Bluetooth functional..) or for listening to music through various devices.

As always you need to look at what’s most important for you, these have great sound but may be small on some adults.

Product supplied for review

 headset1 headset2 headset3 headset4


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