Stoga STB02 New Wireless Remote Pad Game Controller for Microsoft Xbox 360 PC Windows 7 XP Whit Joypad-Blue

Stoga STB02 New Wireless Remote Pad Game Controller for Microsoft Xbox 360 PC Windows 7 XP Whit Joypad-Blue

Review from Jeannie’s Product Reviews

Arrived in secure packaging in a display box within a packing box, always a bonus when goods are properly packed, I hate getting broken items. .
This comes in a range of colours,so  if you’ve more than one child ( or adult!) you could get different colours for each – save on the squabbles! It comes with a decent length charging cable so if you do let it run down you can still play whilst charging and given that kids never seem to remember to charge things that comes in handy.

The remote from a quick glance looks exactly the same as an original remote, the only thing I noticed different is the centre button does not have the X on it. You can see in the pictures the blue stoga one against the black original one Its very easy to connect to the Xbox and connected first time. We found it very comfortable whilst playing games. The letters on the coloured buttons are easy to see, its comfortable fit in hands, and fine for extended use.

Product supplied for review

game controller game controller 2 game controller 3


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