Stoga selfie stick


Stoga Uset M2015 Latest Mini Pocket Selfie Stick – With Built-in Bluetooth Remote Shutter – Shoot Photo & Video – Works With All iPhone and Android Smartphones, Including iPhone Samsung HTC Nokia(Black)

Review from Jeannie’s Product Reviews

Arrived with other goods in excellent packaging.

The grip for the camera is a soft silicone that extends on a spring to fit most phones. The silicone grips well ensuring the phone is secure ( though I wouldn’t go shaking it and flinging it around!) The head rotates and then can be locked into position to take photos at an angle.The telescopic part is easy to use and extends to almost 3 ft so very useful for all sorts of photos, not just selfies. The handle is a rubber grip with indents so it won’t slip.   It has a cord to attach for carrying round wrist, and its light and easy to take everywhere.

I’ve a Samsung mini S3 and it fitted easily, and paired once I’d charged it for a few minutes. There are instructions on the box, but for pairing I didn’t find them easy and played around with the buttons holding down the camera key until it connected. Once my phone found the device it was straightforward and easy. I’m a bit useless at tech TBH ( though a Master/Mistress of the Trial and Error Method) so those better wouldn’t have an issue, but if you’re like me then you can still do it. After I’d let it charge for about ten minutes it took me maybe 3-4 mins to get it connected and up and running. That’s all. I can see comments that you need separate software in some one star reviews. You don’t if you pick the right option, the most expensive. Its kind of obvious surely that there’s going to be a diffence between one at £12.99 and another at £5.89….– EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS HERE IF YOU BUY THE £12.99 ONE – except of course a bit of patience if like me you’re not great at tech issues.  I’m not really suree why the sellers include the other option? Why have a slefie stick without bluetooth ? Dunno – it’s amystery to me 😉 like a lot of tech things! Anyway, get the right option and you don’t need to purchase anything else, but like always things do get damaged occasionally in transit ,so if you have problems why not contact seller first?  It happens, transport damages a minority of items and on the odd occasion it’s happened to me I’ve found sellers more than helpful and understanding.

I didn’t understand why these were so popular til I tried one, but they are so versatile allowing photos to be taken way overhead, and portraits with all the family in. We did one inside a tree trunk by putting camera attached to selfie stick inside the centre of the hollow trunk.

Product supplied for review

Stars: Five, excellent value for money product and great fun to use.

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