Tonor USB Professional Condenser Sound Podcast Studio Microphone


Tonor USB Professional Condenser Sound Podcast Studio Microphone For PC Laptop Computer Upgraded Version – Plug and play, Black

Review from Jeannie’s Product Reviews

This arrived well packed along with some other items in a secure box. It comes in its own very smart display box. It comes in three colour choices, and we tested the black one. That looks very smart. Its very lightweight so easy to take where you want.

As it’s plug and play I expected it to do just that, I plugged it in but nothing seemed to happen…I’m not great with tech though and didn’t know whether there was a way of checking or doing a manual install. I thought maybe there was a conflict with something else. I contacted sellers who were very helpful and emailed me some useful info leaflets, but they were for windows XP, 7, 8 vista etc and I have win 10 ( and updating to that has caused me horrific problems but that’s another story…). I was still stuck, but luckily I knew Son number 2 was soon visiting with his two children who happily played around, found it had installed automatically, no extras needed. I just didn’t recognise what the name of it was. ( Why doesn’t software have simple names like Logictech cordless mouse, Samsung phone, Tonor microphone etc instead of weird random letters and numbers that mean nothing to us none tech people!)

They connected a freestanding speaker to the pc,  as my pc ones don’t work , opened and the kids were soon having fun singing and talking and listening back to it. Most people probably don’t need to use that, it says nothing extra needed but my pc is old and this seemed the easiest way.  We set the tripod and mic up on my desk top next to PC and it was fine there. The tripod flexibility allows for the mic to be positioned wherever most convenient.  If you feel the tripod might get knocked you could always use a bit of blu-tac or similar to hold it firm.  The mic can be used in the tripod for hands free or taken out and held closer to mouth if wanted. We tried both ways and found it worked fine either way.

For the price I think its great, its simple to install for most people – I am a real tech loser so don;t take my experience as typical – and great fun for kids. It’s useful for adding voices to videos, for karaoke type games and parties, for dictating articles for typing later etc….You get what you pay for and I think for £15 this is value for money. Its clear enough for most occasions, if you need specific clarity then maybe you need a more expensive mic, but for most issues this should be fine. Certainly we found it very clear, little interference, and easy to use once it was set up.

I noticed a couple of reviews had similar issues re installing, all I can say is that I found the sellers very helpful when I contacted them, and very quick to respond. It would be useful to have an on/off switch though that’s my only criticism.


Product supplied for review

Stars: Five

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