Men Sports Solar Power 50M Waterproof Outdoor LCD Movement Military Watch Gold, Mudder Carbon Monoxide Alarm Detector

Men Sports Solar Power 50M Waterproof Outdoor LCD Movement Military Watch Gold

Men Sports Solar Power 50M Waterproof Outdoor LCD Movement Military Watch Gold

Review from Jeannie’s Product Reviews

This arrived well packed along with some other items in a secure box. It comes in a really attractive presentation box, a kind of gold fabric effect outside with a black velvet padded insert to hold the watch. That makes it so much more pleasant when giving as a gift.

It comes with full instructions but I’m useless at stuff like that so Him Indoors got to set it up for me. He said it was pretty standard setup and he soon had it ready, with an alarm set as usual to annoy me! To be honest not that many people seem to wear a watch now, using phones instead ( I do that) but for those that do this is a good value attractive gift. It looks heavy but in fact is much lighter than it appears, which I prefer. I like that its solar powered too, no batteries to bother about.I find most modern solar powered gadgets still pick up enough power even while indoors so this should be fine if you’re an indoor person.
Its got several different functions in addition to simple timekeeping, stopwatch, alram and of course different time formats. The stopwatch function could be useful for those in training, and of course the water resistance – up to 50 mtrs – sounds amazing for swimmers though I haven’t tried that out. I like the backlight function, that makes it easy to see display even at night. If you’ve large wrists do check the size, Him Indoors in the image has it on the second to last hole.

Product supplied for review

Stars: Five. Attractive and functional watch.

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Mudder Carbon Monoxide Alarm Detector

Review from Jeannie’s Product Reviews

There’s not too much to say about this, its a standard Carbon Monoxide alarm, and has a good loud noise to it. It doesn’t come with batteries so order those too so that soon as it arrives you can install it. It has good instructions for use, and has indicators to show low battery or – very important – if its malfunctioning. That’s not something you want to find out too late! Pay attention to installation recommendations to get it in the appropriate place. No use having one if its blocked by curtains or sited by an air vent preventing it picking up dangerous gas levels. Our current device is a free standing one in the kitchen, same as the gas boiler, and is on top of a tall fridge on the opposite side of room as advised by the Engineer. I’m going to use this one in the living room where we now have a wood burner.
Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer. I’ve had an alarm in the kitchen for years. Our boiler is there and when servicing it the Gas Engineer recommended  one a few years back. I mentioned we had of those visible ones but as he said, if its in the night you won’t be looking and do you check it daily? It a small price to pay for safety. A friend some time back had been suffering from headaches and discovered, in time fortunately, that it was due to carbon monoxide from an appliance that wasn’t working correctly. If you’re going abroad why not take one with you – we’ve all seen those tragic reports of kids and families dying because safety isn’t always as good as it could when it comes to servicing appliances.

I’ve copied the below info from the B&Q website – its simple practical advice.
What is carbon monoxide (CO)?
Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a colourless, tasteless and odourless gas that can cause harmful and potentially fatal effects.
Carbon monoxide is produced by the incomplete burning of fossil fuels, such as gas. This can occur in inadequately maintained or badly fitted domestic heating appliances, such as boilers and gas fires. If your flue or chimney is blocked, CO will be unable to escape your home if produce, allowing a dangerous concentration to quickly build up.
If carbon monoxide escapes into your home it will cause symptoms that include headaches, breathlessness, drowsiness, vomiting, chest pains, dizziness, vision problems and eventually collapse and loss of consciousness – which can easily be confused with, or misdiagnosed as, flu, fatigue or food poisoning. Be aware of the symptoms and be prepared to react if you recognise them in yourself or others.
Reducing the risk
When was the last time your boiler was serviced? Ensuring that your gas appliances are installed and regularly serviced by Gas Safe Registered engineers is the first step to safety within your home. Landlords are legally obliged to have an annual gas safety check completed in every property they let – and should provide tenants with a copy of the certificate.
Install a carbon monoxide alarm in your home. The sensing technology in a carbon monoxide detector accurately measures the levels of CO and the time of exposure, and is designed to sound before carbon monoxide levels become threatening.
Where to install carbon monoxide (CO) detectors
It’s important to note that your carbon monoxide detector will not detect smoke – you will need a separate smoke alarm for this purpose
Carbon monoxide detectors should be installed in every room that contains a fuel burning appliance. You can install them in other rooms to ensure adequate warning is given for occupants in other areas of your home – such as in rooms where people sleep.
Install your detector at a horizontal distance of between 1 and 3m from the potential source. If this is on the ceiling, it should be at the highest point (if you have a sloped ceiling) and at least 30cm from any obstruction, such as light fixtures. If this is on the wall, it should be located approximately 15cm from the ceiling but above any windows or doors.
It is also important to not install your CO detector in the wrong place – this could cause it go off unnecessarily, or not go off when needed. Don’t locate your alarm in the following places:
In an enclosed space, for example in a cupboard
Where it can be obstructed, for example by furniture
Next to a door, window, extractor fan or air vent
In an area where the temperature may drop below -10°C or exceed 40°C
Where dirt and dust may block the sensor
In a damp or humid location, for example in the bathroom or above a sink
Within 1m of any appliance

Product supplied for review

Stars: Five. Peace of mind for min cost.

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