ACEVIVI Mini Cute Portable 6W LED Gel Polish Nail Dryer



ACEVIVI Mini Cute Portable 6W LED Gel Polish Nail Dryer For Any LED GEL Nail Polish(Black)

Review from Jeannie’s Product Reviews

This arrived well packed along with some other items in a secure box. It comes in it’s own display box so makes a great gift.

I love conventional nail polish but always have issues waiting for it to dry. I don’t think I’ve ever managed a full set without at least one nail being smudged. Add on that it quickly chips, even though I try to touch up ends, the gloss goes off quickly and I end up with ragged looking nails more than beautifully manicured ones…. I tried using this to speed up drying time, but though it helped it didn’t’ make that much difference. Still my hands and feet ( foot in my case!) fit in well and I’ve always wanted to try the Shellac polish its really designed for so I bought base and top coat, some pretty glittery polish and of course some 100% acetone remover!

Armed with some online info and the basics on drying from this unit, I did my first ever Shellac polish. I’ve never even had it done or seen it done at a salon so it really was trial by fire. I learned next time to be a bit more careful about going right to edges as the base coat spread off my left thumb and down the side of my skin. I let it dry then scraped up to edge of nail with knife to lift it and snipped along the edge with scissors, reasonably neat but next time I’ll do better. I’ve added a pic of the results, one coat base, two coats polish and one coat top, with top and coat given 60 secs drying and polish coats 90 secs. Longer than the unit says but given how easily I smudge ordinary polish I wanted to be sure it was dry. I found it easy, I even put the unit on the floor to do my foot, and I’m so pleased with the results that I’m a convert. It took me about 25 mins in all, and wow – No Smudging, Hooray!  Usually by day two my nails are dulling and showing wear at the tips ( pc keyboard doesn’t help ) but these are beautifully glossy as if I’d only just done them.

Web info suggests it should last two weeks and I’ll be really pleased if that’s so, but whatever I’ll be doing it again once this wears off, as its so easy with this unit. It doesn’t get hot to touch so no worries there when picking it up and bringing it back to hands from feet.

Product supplied for review

Stars: Five. Perfect for shiny, glossy shellac nails, even for amateurs like me.

This is the starter set I used

Bluesky UV LED Gel Soak Off Nail Polish, Diamond Orchid

This is the polish used



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