Aukey Universal Waterproof Case Bag Pouch with Armband, Compass. Aglaia Aromatherapy Essential oil Diffuser

Aukey Universal Waterproof Case Bag Pouch with Armband, Compass, IPX8 Sealed for Apple iPhone 6S Plus, 6S, Samsung, and All Under 5.5 Inch Smartphones (PC-T6)

Review from Jeannie’s Product Reviews

This arrived well packed along with some other items in a secure box. Its a great idea, after all where do you leave your phone when you’re at the beach or swimming in a lake. grandson number one got his stolen when doing that this year. Now you don’t need to take the risk, plus of course as you can use touchscreen through it you could get some stunning underwater photos.

You may just want to protect your phone from the elements when outside hiking, biking or doing water-sports. Phones have become something people seem to take everywhere, so this is perfect if you hate to be parted from your device yet love outdoor action and water sports.

Thinking about that phones everywhere context, I heard recently a survey that said people take their phones in the loo and bath, even in the shower! Plus answer them and even order things online in restaurants, bars, at work and even at funerals!

This takes my phone, a Samsung mini S3 in its case easily. Its a great idea for those who spent time outdoors. the compass is a handy gadget too!

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Product supplied for review

Stars: Five. Perfect for outdoor people.

Aglaia Aromatherapy Essential oil Diffuser Ultrasonic Cool Mist with Color LED light and Auto Timer (BE-A5)


Aglaia Aromatherapy Essential oil Diffuser Ultrasonic Cool Mist with Color LED light and Auto Timer (BE-A5)

Review from Jeannie’s Product Reviews

I  love my home to smell nice but conventional plug ins or similar are very expensive, and of course full of chemicals. Do you really want to be breathing in them all the while? I tend to use candles or oil burners with water and a few drops of fragrant essential oils, so when offered the chance to review this I was really pleased. Its so easy to use, just add water, a few drops of whatever oil you want, switch on and instantly the room fills with gentle perfume. The mister is efficient, and of course I’d imagine in winter will add a little much needed humidity to a room which gets dry air from radiators etc. Its great too for using oils such as balsam or peppermint for those with breathing issues.

This diffuser arrived well packed. Its a different  design to many I’ve seen and I really like it. Most of the ones I’ve had take 100 ml water but this has a massive 500 ml capacity, enabling to to run for the six hour programme even on max diffusion setting. Its very pretty, changing colours through blues and purples, to greens and fascinates my four year old grandson. In fact all the kids love these and the fact that the mist isn’t hot, and just drifts slowly to dissipate in the air.   At night the colours really come into their own and look so special. They are more subtle than the images show. It automatically switches off once water container is empty. It’s pretty simple and easy to use, with clear instructions and its easy for me to undo – important given I have arthritis in my hands. Once the top is off then simply add water and a few drops of whatever oil you fancy. Tap water can be used, no special bottles or anything.

I’ve found with these its best to wipe out inside every few uses or an oil residue tends to accumulate. The lights and mist have independent switches and light can be left off if required. The mist has three settings, and the unit three timers and can be programmed for up to six hours. It automatically switches off after it runs out of water with an audible “beep” sound so you know its off.

Its  very quiet when running and very attractive to look at, especially at night. Its light too, so easy to carry from room to room.  Even though it’s light this unit is quite stable and not easily knocked over. It comes with full instructions ( though its really easy to work out). I think these are perfect for every home.


Product supplied for review

Stars: Five. Perfect for every home.

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Stars: Five


Product supplied for review purposes


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