Eggsnow Running Belt, Fashion Exercise Waist Pack, Fuel & Money Belt,Travel Pouch Fits for Mobile Phone,Keys,Card, Perfect for Running, Work Out, Gym, Hiking, Cycling

Eggsnow Running Belt, Fashion Exercise Waist Pack, Fuel & Money Belt,Travel Pouch Fits for Mobile Phone,Keys,Card, Perfect for Running, Work Out, Gym, Hiking, Cycling
Review from Jeannie’s Product Reviews
These belts are so useful, and can take all the things we need but don’t have space for in most running gear, horse-riding, biking and other sports. As a horse rider I’ve found summer months really awkward – I used an armband phone holder, but money and keys didn’t fit and riding gear – like most sports gear – doesn’t have pockets big enough. Throw in how awkward it is to hold reins, and fumble with one arm trying to reach phone on upper arm of the other, and answering a call becomes potentially unsafe. Even if you don’t want to answer calls, its always good to have phone on you in case of accidents. Out riding we’d go to some pretty isolated places and I’m sure runners and bikers do the same. In case of injury a phone is essential not a luxury extra. (Would have been good a few years back when I was knocked unconcious in a fall in the middle of some woods…) I don’t do sports now due to health issues but if I did I’d keep a spare key and some cash in this belt, so all I needed to do would be quickly slip phone in and I’d be off out. I always want to do everything yesterday and can’t be the only person like it.
It’s usually worn as a waist belt but could be used slung across shoulder/body if wanted, it’s certainly large enough. If worn as a waist belt it can be worn under or over clothes, and is so sleek that under them its barely detectable – something useful if security is important when on holiday in areas prone to pickpockets.
This particular belt has some pros and cons compared to others I’ve tested. It isn’t adjustable but is very stretchy. So it will stretch to fit even if you get a size smaller than you really need, but if you put too much in it the weight will make it sag and slip…and that could be uncomfortable. I like the key clip but it too me ages to find it – in fact I couldn’t and it was Him Indoors that finally found it. Its a plastic clip on elastic so it’s easy to simple attach keys quickly, and once we found it I was impressed with it. The logo Eggsnow is in an effective reflective print so that helps in dark gloomy nights or mornings, usual running times! I only noticed when taking photos and the flash caught it….The belt feels like it will wash and dry quickly, and seems to be made of a breathable fabric, useful if worn under clothes. I’m not sure if the fabric is water repellent though, it does feel that way but I haven’t tested it. That or a section that’s waterproof is useful for phones when running in rain. The zipped section is quite small, big enough for some cash and a card. I did put my phone in there (samsung mini S3) and there’s just enough room for cash and cards with it, but then you’ve got everything together and it’s easy to drop something when getting out cash or phone, especially if youre hands are wet or cold as with winter running, biking, riding. The section for phone is just a cut out to slide phone inside. I prefer to have phone in a zipped compartment for maximum safety, it feels as though it could slip out of this one.
Stars: Four, a good idea, very comfortable but I’d like a waterproof zip compartment for phone.
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