Deallink Handheld Digital Wood Moisture Meter With Large Size LCD Display / Accuracy to 1% / Low Power Indicating / Convenient to Hang with Rope / Black


This arrived well packed, in a box with the meter being in a secure zipped fabric storage pouch. It got a loop so you could hang it near the woodshed.

 We’ve had a wood burner for many years now, and as we have our own logs just go for the ones we know are dry, either from fallen trees/branches or fresh vut and left to season, even so some burn better than others. We’ve learned though that wood which isn’t properly dried not only burns slower and with less heat, but also covers the glass front with a dark, tarry goo.* Of course that you can see and remove, but it’s also going to coat your chimney liner and that could be dangerous, maybe catch light or erode and allow fumes to enter the home. Everyone with a wood burner ( or coal and/or gas devices) should have a carbon monoxide alarm. Burning only properly dried wood gives more heat and less dangerous gases.


So, I decided to try this out on several pieces we’ve got indoors for burning right now. I had noticed that some of the wood, whilst feeling dry, wasn’t burning so well. Some of this batch we’d been given, mostly we have access to our own logs from the large garden we have. The results varied from 0% up to 38% for those which we’d found wasn’t burning well – we were later told some of the wood we’d been given wasn’t dead, but still green, so it makes sense it wasn’t seasoned properly, and shows that the monitor picked that up.

For fun…cos I’m like that, full of curiosity, I stuck it in my leg, not right in through skin – I’m not that much curious!! just firmly against skin and it says 38% which seems to be near maximum setting.

* to remove that tarry goo you can make a paste of bicarbonate of soda and leave on glass for 20 mins or so, when glass is cold of course! Then simply wipe off. I’ve also done it using a damp cloth and some wood ash from the fire and that works too, though if its very thick it needs several applications either way. If you’re getting this regularly though it means your wood isn’t dried, and if you’re buying it in get one of these meters so you can test random samples before accepting delivery. Wood sold for fires should be ready to burn unless told otherwise. Too often people get sold wood that still needs six months or so to dry out, and its not cheap so this device will pay for itself very quickly. I know it’ll make sorting our logs much easier.


Product supplied for review

Stars: Five, will pay for itself very quickly and make log burning safer.

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