Moonight® Women’s Fully Boned Overbust Bustier Brocade Basque Corset , Everbellus Breathable Latex Corset Training Waist Cincher for Women,

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This is just gorgeous, fabulous, very Western scene thinking of those ladies all dressed up in the saloons. Its far too nice to wear under clothes….it comes with a matching g-string. Its the prettiest one I’ve received.

The sizing – I ordered the XXL which was biggest available and I’d reckon that the size chart showing it as 14-16 is a little optimistic, given that its not a stretchy fabric. However it does lace at the back where its in two parts, so there is room for adjustment. I measured this across the waist and its 32 inches.

The quality is excellent with all seams overlaid and stitched securely, and with the boning solidly encased. Last thing you want is a steel bone popping out when you’re dancing or chatting! The top and bottom is finished with a pretty decorative ruffled ribbon and the back laces up with the same ribbon. The front hooks are six large silver metal ones and add top the decorative feel, and a treat rather than what feels like hundreds of tiny ones to do up. the fabric itself is a robust poly/spandex mix, and has a beautiful embossed black on black design. ( I think it’s called Self Patterning?) It feels like this will last well, not flimsy but very well made from quality materials.

This is the prettiest corset I’ve had, I just wish I was a bit smaller to fit it…something to aim for maybe 😉

Product supplied for review purposes. This has not affected my objective appraisal.

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Having found from experience that these corset/waist trainers seem to come up small in sizing I ordered size XXXL, and I’m a size 16/18 UK. This fits fine but doesn’t do my ego much good – 3 x’s – oh dear….

Anyway the corset is self seems a decent quality, stitching is all neat, no loose ends or snags and the boning is very flexible with a soft kind of foam fabric on inside with I think will help with pressure marks. I thought being steel boning it would be uncomfortable but it isn’t, its very lightweight and easy to wear. The fabric is Very stretchy so maybe I could have used a 2x size? Still, this one is comfortable to wear and gives a sleek outline. If these are too tight you might get a slim looking waist but horrible bulges above and below the corset – not really the look to aspire to 😉 If you’re going to wear for long periods then comfort is key and you’ll want it not too tight. Its got three lines of hooks for adjusting the fit so it can be loosened if you find it a bit restrictive on the inner closures. the piercing certainly helps with sweating, some I’ve had have been like a Turkish sauna to wear….

For the price it’s well worth a try for a slimmer outline to make you feel good.

Product supplied for review purposes. This has not affected my objective appraisal.

Stars: Five

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