iDeaUSA®Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Headset with Mic apt-x Foldable Earphones, Over-ear Stereo Earpiece, Bass Soft Protein Leather Ear Cups for iPhone Samsung Android Smartphones TV


Tester for these was son number one, who works in IT and is always connected to PC and music…………

Initial impression was very good, the packaging suggested a much more expensive product than it actually is. I expected that feeling to disappear once I actually saw the headphones, however I was pleasantly surprised to find that wasn’t the case. They come in a nice rigid fabric black case, which offers decent protection for storing in luggage or a rucksack and come with both a charging cable (micro USB) and an audio jack for non-Bluetooth enabled devices. The headphones themselves are actually very good looking, with black padding on top, rectangular black ear pieces and brushed silver sides, there are no flashing lights or loud colours to annoy. The sides fold inwards and both left and right side will extend about an inch. On my head they were a good fit without any adjustment, with comfortable on ear padding that also blocks out a decent amount of outside noise. This is on a par with other headphones I have. Wearing them was fine with no comfort issues, their weight was slightly more than a normal set of corded headphones but not enough to really notice.

To test the performance I paired them with an Android smart phone and a computer via the audio jack. Both worked fine with no problems, pairing was a simple as pressing the multi-function button until the small LED’s flashed and then selecting them on my phone. Immediately I was able to answer calls and play music from my phone. On the right ear piece as well as the multi function device are two buttons for volume control, up and down. The buttons are also used for back/forwards when pressed and held, this is a feature some other headsets lack which I find invaluable. If I find a track I don’t want to listen to, I really don’t want to fish my phone out of my pocket, unlock it and then press next. It’s much easier to simply press a button on the ear piece.

The actual audio quality was better than I expected, it’s not going to match a top of the range Sennheiser but it’s as good as a pair of £100 headphones I have by a well known (computer) gaming brand. It does seem to be very bass friendly which is fine for my musical tastes, but may not suit a classical fan as much. I tested using some break beat, ambient electronic, electronic rock and a little bit of Midge Ure and it all sounded great. The loudness was a surprise, going much higher than I expected without any distortion. The microphone was fine, not as loud as some I’ve used but enough to hear the other end without needing to up the volume. Although I couldn’t find anything about echo cancellation, I’m assuming it has that feature as I couldn’t seem to produce any echo when testing.

I didn’t test the device long enough to verify the 14 hours talk/music time but I can say the 10m range is perhaps a little generous, I would say the effective range is about 7 meters.
hp1 hp2 hp3 hp6 hp7

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