Solar Lights Outdoor 8 Bright LED, LEORX® 160 lm Wall Sensor Light Security Lighting Motion Wireless Waterproof Lamp


I love solar lights, and over the last few years they’ve become far better in variety, construction and reliability and value for money. This light can be fixed to a wall via the screw hole provided, or simply hung over a convenient hook. I’ve had several of these so far and all worked well so long as correctly position.

The first of this one I was sent didn’t work, but the seller was very quick to respond to my email and replace it. Things do go wrong, items do get damaged in transit and it’s that kind of service that is exactly what customers need, and full marks to Mandy at Pixnor for her prompt assistance. I’m still waiting for another seller to respond to my emails – three now – about a broken item 😦

It’s triangular in shape and packs a real punch in terms of light delivered.The light is on one side of the triangle with the charging surface on the other.  The unit needs to be placed facing south ideally. It charged even in just a few hours of our weak Nov UK daylight.Once charged and set up via the pin on/off switch it has  two brightness settings, a dim light and a bright one when movement nearby is detected. It comes on as daylight light gets low.

Its currently being used in our conservatory. Stupidly it was summer when built and I didn’t think about lights, much needed when trekking through to downstairs loo….but it’s a great testing position for these lights. This is currently positioned on the windowsill with charger facing out and so far has worked perfectly. It comes on when someone enters room at full brightness, reverting back to dim after 30 seconds. Its even been working in the early morning when Him Indoors goes out to feed my horse and its still only half light – very useful. I didn’t expect that as its actually positioned indoors behind glass and facing north! All the things that don’t work for ideal charging conditions and yet its working perfectly for us. It’s not what’s recommended of course and maybe I just got lucky. I did have a smaller one which worked really well for a few days but then doesn’t stay charged all evening. It’s fine if I place it outside in a sunny position so I think that indoors, north facing, doesn’t work well with the smaller ones. Maybe they aren’t able to store enough charge? I don’t know – I’m just writing what’s happened. If you’re using these outside I don’t see there’d be an issue so long as you ensure that the charger is positioned to catch the sun.

All the ones I’ve had have a pin to insert in a small hole for an on switch. It needs inserting on first use, and then each time the battery runs out. I think a simple button would work better as there’s nowhere on the device tostore the pin. Something for manufacuters to think on maybe 😉

Product supplied for review

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