NOVAWO Poncho; Luggage Scale; sticky back decorative strip lights

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 I like ponchos and wraps, as using crutches means thick coat sleeves just crumple up and get in the way, and my wrists get frozen!

This is a really pretty Aztec kind of design, in a basic cream with a rusty reddish brown and dark blue/green pattern over and white tassels along the edges. The fabric is quite thick and beautifully soft, and feels really cosy. Some fabrics are rough and scratchy but this is very tactileand I really like it. Its very comfortable and I wear it with leggings usually, but it’s suitable for any clothes really. A smart brown or dark green skirt and brown boots for example would look perfect with it. For me though ease of use and function are most important and take precedence over looks, they just come as a welcome bonus. Its easy to quickly slip on when you’re in a hurry, pop over a jacket for an extra layer or to leave in the car for an extra wrap for cold days.

Not much else I can say but its a useful, versatile item to have

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Don’t get excess luggage bills, be prepared and weigh your luggage first with this simple, easy to use set of scales.

It comes ready to use with a battery included.Simply pull out protective battery cover, and its all systems go. Switch on and display lights up, hang whatever you want to weigh and weight is displayed instantly on screen in easy to read format with a green light beside the display. I have had some with backlit display which I found easier to read, but this is perfectly legible. The hand grip part is very comfortable to hold. The unit itself feels very sturdy, with the hanging strap being a wide nylon type fabric and a solid metal sensible sized hook.  I hung a couple of things to test and results displayed instantly. There’s a choice of format, either metric or imperial, which go up to 50kg/110lbs. The waring light for overweight is a useful function.

When so many budget airlines are bumping up prices by way of extra freight charge this easy to use scale will stop you getting caught out. Its simple to use, easily portable and lightweight so take it with you for checking return luggage. It’s a useful scale for weighting so many things not just luggage.

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I’ve got two sets these,, one has lots of special effects and the slighter cheaper set which offer a few less choices in display. They’re both really simple to set up, simply peel off backing tape ( carefully), apply where wanted, plug in unit and attach and set whatever programme you wish. They can be cut to size in certain places if wanted, and are easy to bend round corners etc.

The grandkids loved these and were really keen to see them up and running. Brennan who’s 4 insisted we have the “rainbow “ setting – its a static set of four different colours, red, green, yellow and blue I think. I prefer a chasing light and dark purple effect. The “meteor effect is great too – there’s a few lights that seem to chase the length of the lead quickly with those behind going out leaving a rapid moving star/meteor kind of effect.

I’ve got them in my kitchen, but they can be used inside or outdoors so a very versatile and inexpensive way to brighten up winter, not just for the xmas season. They’d be great for summer parties too or just for mood lighting in the home. So many choices mean the atmosphere can be changed at the touch of a button. They take up very little electricity and give out quite a bright light considering the LEDs are so tiny. The remotes are simple and self explanatory, and though there are instructions I guess most people will be like us and simply play around to find out how to use. Make sure they’re in a safe place as it would be easy to lose them, and ensure they point at the receiver near the unit, not at the lights themselves….

The only issue we had is the sticky back. The first section had dried out for a few inches, and though the rest was sticky and adhered on contact, it keeps falling off, and of course one part falling pulls down a whole length. Its temporarily up with some sticky tape ( not a great success) but I’ve some glue dots and blu-tac to try….It could be a design issue or just that my walls are faulty. Its an old house with very uneven walls, and though I wiped over where it was to go** and dried thoroughly it still gave problems. It looks like others haven’t had issues so I’m guessing its probably my home that’s the problem. 😦 Downside to having a home that’s 260+ years old

I’m impressed that instead of the usual 12 month warranty these have a 24 month one. Excellent and makes me feel company have confidence in their product.

** I wiped with some washing up liquid then went over with some nail varnish remover as that’s great for getting rid of grease. I’d forgotton though that I’d got a paper cut on my middle finger wrapping xmas presents ( Waitrose thick holographic paper!) and the pad for cotton wool was on that finger…cut some very Bad Words, and me peeling myself off ceiling. well, that’s how it felt anyway.

Product supplied for review

Stars: Five.

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