Hicool Pro Unisex Ski Snow Skate Snowboard Snowmobile Goggle with Mirrored Lens – Anti-Fog UV Protection Detachable Wide Spherical Goggle Lens





Review from Jeannie’s Reviews on wordpress.com

Having been severely short sighted all my life and vision that’s now deteriorating further I know just how previous eyes are. Winter sports are becoming more and more popular and the glare from snow can cause permanent damage. Skiing at speed you also risk fragments getting into eyes and causing problems too – a tiny bit of leaf or bark can cause severe scratches in the surface of the eye. Even wind at speed will dry eyes and cause issues.  Don’t risk it, buy some quality protection.

These have been widely tested and as well as offering the protection you need they are visually attractive too. Kids especially won’t think about safety if it means wearing something that’s makes them look “uncool” so appearance is also very important. My teen grandchildren (14 and 16) loved the look of these so they past that test!

They fit closely round the face so no gaps for bits to work their way under and the thick foam padding makes them suitable for wearing for long periods. They memory foam will shape to individual facial contours. Its great stuff, memory foam. (A bit of useless but interesting info: it was developed in the 70’s for a NASA project. Google it – I first found it added to horse riding saddles to help comfort for the horse and rider as it shapes to individuals. We have a memory foam mattress – its great. Arrived in a small box vac packed. Once undone it expanded like dough – we had visions of it filling bedroom and us squeezing through the door…)

Back on track – Comfort is needed, however safe things are if they’re uncomfortable they don’t get used. I like the anti fogging aspect too, mot much use wearing goggles that cloud vision as you get warm…sadly happens all the while for us specs users, going from warm to cold rooms and vice versa. They feel firm and robust but have a degree of flexibility built in which is good, as is the fact you can buy replacement lens and straps. Inevitable things get damaged and I hate the waste to the environment when it means buying a whole new unto rather than just a part. They come with a handy drawstring fabric bag too.

Sadly as a glasses user I can’t actually wear these…not that I plan on skiing, with one leg it might be a bit difficult! If you are planning snoy hols though, not just skiing ones, ensure you protect those really important eyes.

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Stars: Five.

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