TaoTronics Dimmable Led String Lights Copper Wire 33ft LED, LuckyFine Make Up Brushes Set 32 Piece


This came well packed, in a black cardboard display box within a cardboard packaging one. Packing is so important, its disappointing when items aren’t packed well and broken on arrival.

I love fairy lights, and over the last few years they’ve become far better in variety, a long way from the static push in blub type –for those of us older than 40 ish  remember how Christmas tree decorating used to include testing each bulb one by one to see which had blown…..and then discovering on Christmas day we’d used all the spares?  thankful that’s history now – these ones are a string of soft creamy goldish lights on a pretty copper coloured wire. Its great to see the wire made attractive too – usually its a black or green plastic covered wire that doesn’t really blend in, and so to see this copper wire was a treat, it looks attractive whether the lights are on or off.

The lights have a steady on at different brightness levels, flashing on at three speeds, or a slow glo effect at different speeds. They take up very little energy, and don’t get hot to touch. with the wire being so flexible its easy to bend to shape =- I’ve some the same but solar wrapped around a large open weave wood and twig star to make a door decoration. they’re versatile and can be used inside or out although of course the charger and unit need to be inside or in a waterproof box.

I’m really pleased with these and think the copper wire gives them an edge over other lights as they are attractive even when not on.

Stars: Five.

Product supplied for review

lights1 lights2 lights3





This is a gorgeous brush set, having all the brushes you’ll need, from a large sweeping loose powder brush,fan brushes, some tapered shaping brushes right  down to precision eye shadow brushes. If you’re serious about your makeup this kit seems to have everything you could ever want. There’s a suspiciously strange shaped sponge blender included too… It’s easy to clean brushes with just a little shampoo and rinse well. Dry before rolling up in case, its not sealed so shouldn’t give issues but I find its best to be cautious. Fusty smelling brushes don’t give the right vibe!

The brushes are made from animal hair and attached to the light wooden handles via a metal ferrule. They look long lasting if cared for properly. They come in a roll up case, made of a pink wipe clean fabric bonded leather effect material that ties to close. The wipe clean is especially useful if like me you’re one of those mess magnets, I just look at things and they spill….( Note: it’s leather effect: not real leather, that would be substantially more expensive!) This will make a great gift for any – well I was going to say lady, but of course that’s actually sexist with more and more men using makeup, so a great gift for anyone!


Of course the artists reading this will also be thinking – could be useful for oils, acrylics, pastels??  I’ve used all sorts of brushes for those myself, and some of these could well make their way to my art shed when I’m needing a particular size or shape brush….

Product supplied for review

Stars: Five

bru1 bru2 bru3 bru4

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