Nozatec 4.3″ 8GB Car GPS Sat Nav With UK and Europe Maps


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We haven’t ever got round to buying a sat nav – used some online directions, and to be honest mine and him indoors minds’ are still stuck in the age of huge paper map books. Back in the 70’s and 80’s people used to give them as xmas presents. Of course reading while driving isn’t exactly safe!


As with the 7 inch (Noza Tec Car GPS Sat Nav 7 Inch 8GB) one of these we’ve had for review we had we eagerly skimmed through instructions and pretty soon had this set up. As before we typed in son number one and daughter addresses and found their roads very quickly – again oddly neither house numbers were recognised ? You can search either with an address or with a postcode. It found the roads easily, giving a choice of maps to see directions, different routes to take according to what we wanted to do on the journey, and an approximate time to allow and average KPH speed.

Once I’d played with it I found how to set the voice directions and that worked excellently when we tested on a short visit to local shops. Its a male voice for a change too, hurrah, usually its ladies so I enjoyed the role reversal. Its safer too than keep sneaking glances at screen, and though it warns not to do that some people will ignore them. This way simply follow audible instructions. You can always stop and reset if you go wrong or want to change route.  It doesn’t go overboard on instructions, just tells you what road to take and waits til approaching next junction. Then tells you very politely “ you have reached your destination” I want to say thanks to it…..It also gives points of interest close to search address. Useful if you’re on holiday and don’t know the area. Playing around with this Him Indoors set it to local pub which is only about 1/4 mile away and it gave him instructions, I’d set it from car to walking. Of course the path follows the road, it would be interesting to see if it recognises paths alone, not ones attached to roads – I suspect at this price I’m asking too much though 🙂

It carries static camera speed warnings though not for temporary ones of course, and it seems to have radio settings as with the larger one though as a tech divot/idiot I couldn’t find out how to work it…My fault not the product. I’m sure once I’ve played around with it more, or once the kids and grandkids visit it’ll get set to do far more than the basics, but to be honest what people want of a sat nav is clear, accurate directions isn’t it? This does that perfectly. Anything else is just bonus extra.

Its got a large, clear screen and its easy to see, though of course it carries warnings not to look at screen while driving. It can be connected to web to update maps, which is useful and that also updates latest speed cameras ( static) warnings. Its got parts to fit into car to hold in place, and chargers for indoors, with a plug attached and charging unit, a USB charge cable and also car charger which is very useful. It has a soft fabric bag to protect screen when not in use. Showed it to a friend who’d just paid over £90 for one for her husband and she said this is easier and clearer that the one she’s purchased.


The only oddities were that it couldn’t find those house numbers, and when I typed in our postcode for return journey it only gave number options – and our road is one of those with names and not numbers mostly. I entered what I thought it would be though if we had one (3) as we’re on the end of the lane and it found us. It also gives options for centre of road section which is useful if the actual number can’t be found. I think its a great value for money sat nav and am very pleased with it. I prefer the 7 inch one simply becuase of the larger screen but its really a personal preference


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