SHAVING BRUSH – Badger Hair Brush For Men’s Shave Set From Benny’s of London 

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This is a well constructed brush, having plenty of hair set into a metal ferrule, attached to a rounded section that fits neatly into palm. Its a comfortable weight too and was easy to use. It comes in a black cylinder card box, making it a great gift. Its visually very attractive.

Badger hair shaving brushes have been around for over 200 years according to Google. Him Indoors favours a wet shave, and has used either commercial foams or just soap applied by hand. He was keen to try this brush. I bough a stick of shaving soap to go with it and he was away. First off he says it lathers up the soap beautifully and produces plenty of foam. He put the brush in warm water and then rubbed over the stick – some people wet the face and rub stick over, then use brush to generate foam. Its personal choice I guess. He says it gave a far closer shave, maybe because the bristles rub up the hair ready for cutting.

I noticed there were a few hairs come loose, and a web search shows that’s normal with the first few uses. What I didn’t expect – but shows the hair is genuine – is The Smell…..eurghh, like the very worst of wet dog! Oddly Him Indoors didn’t notice it much, just said there was a faint aroma?? Maybe male v female scenting properties are different. Certainly I see other reviewers who didn’t notice any smell too, though it made me feel quite nauseous. Thankfully it doesn’t transfer to the skin, all I could smell on him was the shaving stick which was very pleasant ( its a Palmolive one). I’ve been giving the brush an extra wash and lathering each time I pass and the scent is certainly dissipating….weirdly each time I pass I feel compelled to sniff it just to see if the smell is as bad as I though – why you ask? I’ve no idea…I can’t seem to believe my own memory sometimes. Years back we had an old twin tub washer. I leaned on it mid wash to relive my back, putting one hand on the metal casing and the other on the metal sink, only to discover a wire had come lose and an electric shock travelled up one arm, across my chest and down the other….and what did  I do but convince myself I’d imagined it, so did it a second time 😉 Sniffing the brush each time reminds me of that, how I don’t trust my own mind at times. Thankfully its far less dangerous testing the brush for aromas!

As to care – well, like my art brushes Never put it away wet. It’ll go mouldy and that’s the last thing you want. You can buy a stand for brushes and I think that would be an excellent idea.  Rinse well or the soap will settle in the metal ferrule and gum up the bristles. If that does happen Google says a paste of borax left on overnight will remove it.

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Stars: Five.

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