Wearlizer Cute Owl-shaped Shoulder Messenger Bag, eManco Handmade Flower Leaf Vintage Lace Hollow Out Wide Cuff Opening Adjustable Bangle

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Though it says for kids this really isn’t a schoolbag type thing, its more of a handbag with space for purse, phone and for me the essential when out, a kindle! Its cute enough to appeal to kids as a fun bag if they’re old enough to want to take their own money or have a phone. I’m sure my granddaughters – ages 9 to 14 – would love it, and  I think its attractive and fun and I’d be happy to use it…

Its well made, stitching is good, zips well attached and strong and its got separate compartment inside and on the back, secured by a zip. The shoulder strap is adjustable so can be worn on the shoulder or extended and used across the body, that’s the way I always prefer, much more secure. The strap can even be detached by way of two simple clips so the bag used as a clutch if wanted. The fabric is a kind of wipe clean imitation leather and its fully lined.

I think its quirky enough to appeal to anyone who like a fun bag, regardless of age group.

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Stars: Five.

eManco Handmade Flower Leaf Vintage Lace Hollow Out Wide Cuff Opening Adjustable Bangle Bracelet for Women

eManco Handmade Flower Leaf Vintage Lace Hollow Out Wide Cuff Opening Adjustable Bangle Bracelets for Women Rose Gold

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This is a beautiful piece of jewellery for those who have a sense of individuality. I love that it looks like its  a piece of heavy lace and yet its a metal item.

I’ve got the one in rose gold, a colour I love and which suits everyone and most occasions. This is dressy enough for a night out and yet would also suit a jeans and t-shirt daytime style. Though I’ve the rose gold one they all look good, and I’d be happy to wear any of them. Today I’m wearing a black lace skirt and a black top that has a heavy lace section on the neckline at one side and the base of both sleeves. The black one would go perfectly with this outfit.

It comes beautifully presented in a strong black box with lift off lid and velvet inserts which set it off really well, and makes it a perfect gift. Its a soft metal, open ended so can adjust to put on easily but I don’t think it would be suitable for constant wear. I tend to put bangles on and leave them for weeks, 24/7 til I fancy a change. I’ve ruined several that way, when they get bent out of shape from my sleeping on them….This one deserves better than that 😉 Its a piece that will suit all ages groups too, a teen party, prom night, a wedding or an evening dress ball. That makes it a very versatile piece.

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Stars: Five.

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