Nuvita Professional Culinary Torch and Portable Mini Whisper-Quiet Air Dehumidifier

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I love cooking something different but I’ve never had one of these so was keen to try it. Its packed in rigid plastic but easy to open – not the sort that takes off the end of a finger first!

Its feels robust, and is a good size for my hand and not heavy. As I’ve issues with my hands,( arthritic wrists and finger joints) that’s important for me. Its easy to use, simply fill up, open lock, press to ignite and away….I had some butane gas here which I use for refilling lighters for my wood-burner so I quickly filled it, which was simple and needed no adapters. ( Maybe there are different types ? I don’t know but I used one called Ktwo, and that has adapters inside the lid. see pic below.)

Once full I did a trial go, found out how to adjust flame and did a caramel topping for some rice pudding. First attempt wasn’t great – pudding was hot, straight from oven and too much liquid plus too little sugar resulted in a patchy bit of toffee…second time I used cold pudding, straining off excess liquid and adding more sugar ( three teasps for this little ramekin!!) and it worked a treat. Took maybe one minute? I didn’t time it, but played the flame across surface until sugar bubbled. Son number two said he’s seen this on cooking shows used for browning chicken skin from oven, charring peppers, skinning tomatoes etc. I’m going to try it on pork crackling next time I have a pork joint. Him Indoors loves crispy crackling but inevitably there’s bits that don’t crisp, and on occasions all of it fails. Worth a go anyway. I love charred peppers and use them in dips along with tomatoes that are skinned, and up to now hold them over gas flame on a skewer but that can get messy. With this I can just cut and lay pieces on a board or plate and do it. I guess for keen cooks the possibilities are endless. I also thought of a kind of peanut brittle but with walnuts and almonds ( we’ve a walnut tree so I’ve a bag of them to use still ). I’m going to lay nuts on a tray, toast them over a bit then layer sugar over and melt into toffee. I don’t see why that won’t work. Could then crush some and use with raisins etc and oats for a tasty muesli, or use as an ice-cream or other dessert topping.

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This arrived in a cardboard box, in its own display box so was well protected from damage. I’ve never used one of these before but it was very simple, literally just plug in, switch on at the front centre power button and wait.

Its a compact unit, smaller than I expected but very simple. When plugged in there’s a blue light at the front to tell its working. That’s good as its so quiet its hard to hear of its on or off. You could certainly have this running in a bedroom without disturbing sleep. My tiny battery alarm clock is louder….  Its got an auto cut-out when full, so no worries about it overflowing. The water container is easy to empty, just switch off, pull container out from back and empty. If you pull up the black “float” plug then the water tips out easily from that corner, replace, switch on and you’re back in business. I intend to leave this going permanently, at least through the damp winter months, as it used very little electricity, and that set again the potential mould damage is no contest!

I used it in our conservatory – the washer and dryer are there and as its unheated in winter we do get mould issues there. Its a big room – 25ft by about 10ft so larger than recommended but I figured this would at least help. Set it close to dryer and switched on. Even with dryer not on I found after several hours there was some water collected, and when dryer was on it gathered even more. The air feels different in there too, less clammy though as its such a big room I don’t know how much long term difference it will make, but its definitely helping. I’ve a cupboard upstairs next to an outside wall that gets damp sometimes ( leaves jamming the drainpipe usually!!) so I’ll try it there too.

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Stars: Five.

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