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DeKaWei Heart Shape 20LEDs Christmas Xmas Decoraton LED Fary LED string Light (Warm White)

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I love xmas lights, and have several solar and mains powered sets, but this one is battery powered meaning they can go anywhere inside regardless of whether socket are nearby. Its a really pretty set having a pretty bubble surface hearts style, with a neutral clear plastic cord showing the silver wire inside, and they look gorgeous when lit up. They can have two settings, constant on or a quick flash.
They’re not only for xmas, but for fun summer parties or even just to brighten up a dull corner. They’d be perfect for Valentines day romantic dinners. They take three AA batteries which are not supplied so check you have them or order them at the same time to avoid that disappointment when you want to use something and don’t have the batteries….

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Acxeon Pack of 2pcs - LED Safety Slap Armband Cycling Jogging Walking Reflective LED Armband - Red

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A pack of two flexi strip bands. these just snap automatically round arms or legs, and have three settings, slow flash, quick flash and constant on. Perfect for walks in the dark, gloomy, foggy days or UK default weather – Rain. Anything that helps you and your family be seen is useful and can save a life. They’re simply to use, press button to required setting, slap against body and its done. they are battery powered, not rechargeable USB type, the larger circular flat ones, but these are included.

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This came in a large box with several other items, secure in a simple brown cardboard box. No instructions but TBH its pretty fool proof. There’s one sticky pad, which needs to be cut into two really to fix at either end. The unit is very lightweight which it needs to be to stay up with just these pads. I would have liked to see some spare pads included for if you want to move it. Its got a simple USB lead to connect to power source, and can be used ( as I did ) with a power bank in areas where there isn’t any electric sockets. I’m about to clean that cupboard under the stairs – otherwise known as The Black Hole of Calcutta – where there’s no light and this will be perfect rather than grubbing about in the gloom. You can have it on a bright white, as I will here, or a warm softer light for more intimate settings.

I’d have liked the cable to be a little longer in case you want to stick light in a place where there isn’t a shelf for power pack. I’d have Loved it to have a USB rechargeable battery included too  🙂 but I guess that would mean its heavier and won’t stick so well. Increase the costs too of course.

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