ECHTPower 3500DPI Breathing LED Light 9 Buttons Optical Illuminated Programmable USB Wired Gaming Mice Gaming Mouse for Pro Gamer, with Anti-sweat, Macro Function, RGB/DPI Switch.

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This was tested by grandson number 1 who’s 16 and a keen gamer. He wrote his thoughts, I decoded them where I can, some’s tech speak and some’s his dyslexia – and added it here.

Packaging was nice, it was delivered encased in a box and secured in the box with cardboard slits that grip the mouse to stop it from moving. It came in a box with an instillation disk and a user manual at the bottom beneath the cardboard holding the mouse, and the wire was kept in a neat damage proof bag on top of the mouse.


My first thought about the mouse when I opened it was “wow it looks like a transformer”. Apparently his words were “oh S hit!! Its a transformer!!” I opened it and saw it had a solid metal base, an extremely nice design and a ton of buttons which I didn’t know what they did,  so my mate read the little manual that comes with the mouse, and it tells me what the buttons are/do and the specifications of the mouse, including what the DPI goes to when I  press the dpi button on the mouse.

The mouse feels robust and hardwearing as it has a solid metal base that gives the mouse a nice bit of weight, so it feels like your holding something and not a small piece of plastic. Talking about plastic the plastic on this mouse is thick and feels like its as solid as the base, and long lasting as well as having a nice smooth texture to it.

The mouse is very responsive when I play games. I can notice the difference between this mouse and my other one when  playing games like CSGO and DOTA 2 as I find aiming to be a lot smoother, so it makes it easier to get them one deages and in data a lot easier to last hit and therefore farm in lane. ( Nope, I don’t know what this means, I think its just that its very accurate!) I connected my mouse to my pc VIA usb and was about to put in the installation disk when I had a message on the screen saying installing new device software, and in a matter of seconds the mouse was installed on my pc and I was then like I’m to MLG for installation disks XD ( again maybe its tech speak, I haven’t a clue) The games I used the mouse on/in were CSGO and DOTA 2. There was a manual and installation disk that came with the mouse . I didn’t need the disk but I used the manual to see what all the buttons would do.

I like the feel of the mouse as it has a small weight to it so I feel confortable playing games as I notice/can feel where the mouse is on my desk/mouse mat, and one more thing to point out  is the mouse wheel is easy to use as it had plastic on each side, with a rubber grip going all the way through the middle of it that is comfortable  whilst scrolling with my finger.Oh, plus the wire is in a protective covering.

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Stars: Five.

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