Acxeon Running Belt, Axeon 100% natural latex 11 Pcs Resistance Bands Bands Set,

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I’ve had a few of these now and each have slight differences. Its a question of what suits your circumstances best. This one fits most phones easily unless very large or a very bulky case, takes my LG Spirit in its case easily. That  keeps them safe when out and accessible when you need to answer a call.

The fabric is water and sweat resistant, so even in rain your phone is safe. No worries about it slipping out of the tiny pocket most sports gear has and getting broken. Of course there’s space here too to keep keys, money, cards etc All the things we need to take with us but don’t have space for in most running gear, horse-riding, biking and other sports. As a horse rider I’ve found summer months really awkward – I used an armband phone holder, but money and keys didn’t fit and riding gear – like most sports gear – doesn’t have pockets big enough. Throw in how awkward it is to hold reins, and fumble with one arm trying to reach phone on upper arm of the other, and answering a call becomes potentially unsafe. Even if you don’t want to answer calls, its always good to have phone on you in case of accidents. Out riding we’d go to some pretty isolated places and I’m sure runners and bikers do the same. In case of injury a phone is essential not a luxury extra.

This belt expands easily, is simple to adjust and once the correct size doesn’t slip. Its got a plastic clip that is really easy to undo/do up and makes it quick to use. When you’re in the mood to do something then most people just want to grab essentials and go, and with this belt you can. I don’t do sports now due to health issues but if I did I’d keep a spare key and some cash in this belt, so all I needed to do would be quickly slip phone in and I’d be off out. I always want to do everything yesterday and can’t be the only person like it. What I found useful about this particular belt is that the sections for keeping things in are in two separate parts. That means some loss of space but I find its better as you can get out phone without having keys and money etc. falling out too, or getting scratched. The sections for holding things are at the front, the rear is simply an elasticated belt, so items don’t slide round to the back and out of reach. Its also got two excellent 3M reflective strips adding a layer of safety if worn over clothes

Its usually worn as a waist belt but could be used slung across shoulder/body is wanted, it’s certainly large enough. If worn as a waist belt it can be worn under or over clothes, and is so sleek that under them its barely detectable – something useful if security is important when on holiday in areas prone to pickpockets.

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This is a very versatile set, with additions to convert from simple bands to more complex exercises, by way of using doors and the ankle and wrist straps provided.

They come in five different strengths, from an easy, light stretch band to the heaviest, which I found hard to use of course, but of course it does mean that as you get stronger and fitter its easy to increase the workout. I’m a wheelchair user so exercise is difficult, but these are something I can use. New Years Res: I’m going to use these  regularly, using the lightest resistance one as I’ve damaged joints so don’t want to overstrain anything, but am hoping to increase muscle strength. That also helps with weight loss, something many of us struggle with….I did start with another set last year but then xmas came and …..

The bands are round, not the usual flat, not sure what difference that makes though, and they have simple anti twist metal clips on each end. Using the door strap you can place them at different heights and there are padded handles, and some ankle straps, both in a tough black nylon type fabric with metal half circle attachments for clips. The colours make it easy to pick out which one you’re working with, and they come in a handy mesh bag which keeps them neat and can be simply hooked up for storage. What makes this set really useful IMO is the A4 double sided sheet with a number of simple exercises shown, with illustrations so you can see exactly what to do. Its easy to find exercises on the web, but when its there in the set, right in front of you its one less excuse for putting exercise off!

I think these are a bargain exercise set, simple to use, very little space needed, no equipment to set up, portable, easy to store and good value for money.

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Stars: Five.

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