iEC 2400mAh Portable Power Pack for Smart phones, Fire 7 Case for Amazon Fire Tablet,



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I’m a great fan of power banks, though they can be bulky so was delighted to get the chance to try this one.

I have one of the first I was given to review that I use all the time but its pretty big, and I think this one is the smallest I’ve seen. I thought the Iceworks one I reviewed earlier this week was great size wise but this is even better. I’ve shown me holding it so you can see just how tiny it is,I’ve average size hands, but it packs  a decent punch for something so tiny.

Its sleek, and so slim, in a soft matt black, with a red band around sides and red branding.  Its so tiny its easy to pop in a handbag or pocket, and ensure you’re always able to make phone calls. Smartphones soon run out of charge given all we ask them to do, email, web browsing and of course the ever present Facebook, which many people have set to notify them of new posts. All that means a battery soon drains, so with this pack you’ve got that backup, and simply plug phone in and you’re away again. Its great for all Bluetooth devices too, headphones, speakers etc. but for me the phone use is the most important. Not much use reading all those Facebook posts if when you need to make an essential call the battery is flat!

Its simple to charge too, just connect up to pc via the cable supplied or a charging socket. I use my kindle one, sockets are quicker! Keep it fully charged and you’ve peace of mind when out that you’re always contactable, or able to contact your family if you need to.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

Stars: Five

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I’ve got several kindles for reading and a kindle fire for web use. Him Indoors isn’t really PC literate, so with the fire being reduced yet again in price we thought it was time he joined the internet generation. I didn’t buy a case though, he won’t be taking it out so didn’t think we’d need one. Mine go everywhere with me so have cases….Then this was offered for review and seemed a perfect opportunity to protect his device. Even indoors it gets knocked about, especially when the grandkids are here and arguing over a game!

Its a very slim design, a soft wipe clean outer and protective micro fibre inner. We opted for the blue colour, and its a very soft kind of light turquoise. Its much slimmer than the case I have for my Fire ( now two years old) and Paperwhite, and has the same magnetic catch that the Paperwhite case I have has. That’s good, means it doesn’t get left part open. The top can be folded back to provide a support if you want to have it in front of you on a table or something. I’ve never done that with mine, or with this but the option is there. I prefer to hold mine – and as I’ve dodgy eyes I often have to put it right up to my face to see anyway….

Its simple to use, a one piece, shaped rectangle with clips on one side,  just slot tablet in and that’s it. It holds it firmly, leaving access points for charger etc. open so it doesn’t interfere.  I’ve added photos of my paperwhite and my fire in their cases for comparison of thickness.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

Stars: Five

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