Noontec Noise Cancelling Over-ear Headphones


Noontec Noise Cancelling Over-ear Headphones Hammo GO The One Choice For Audiophiles Pure Sound Quality, Foldable, Adjustable Stereo Headsets 3.5mm Plug Compatible with Iphone, Ipad, Samsung, Sony Andriod Smartphones (3.5MM Jack)

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This set arrived very quickly and were packaged well in a display box within another packing box.

The set comprises:  Headphones, a rigid plastic zip close carrying case with cable pouch inside, two  jacks, one of which has a microphone attached for hands free calls, a two pronged adapter, but  I had no idea what this was for (learned from another review that its an adapter for some airlines) and two aaa batteries.

The set  looks really attractive, and the logo is discreet. I don’t like bright flashy products and these are perfect, classic looking, subtle colours, discreet. They’re very comfortable to wear for extended periods, with plenty of padding round the ear pieces and some more padding over the head piece. They’re easy to adjust to different head sizes, simply slide up and down just over the ear piece. We found it incredibly difficult working out how to insert the batteries for the noise cancelling function though the set works fine without batteries. The instructions are in tiny, tiny print, didn’t seem to say how to insert the batteries, and we were looking inside and outside ear pieces before finally resorting to reading reviews to finally work out how to do it.They really need improving in my view and let the product down in the current format.  Having done that I prefer the set without noise cancelling, as periodically there’s a very brief but sharp whine and I couldn’t feel any difference with it on or off.  I used them in a quiet room though at home, I guess on a plane, train or bus that part would come into its own and be more effective.

The sound quality is excellent, listened to a bit of my favourite REM, Queen, Bee Gees, Slade – child of the 70’s here – and that was perfect, clear, and no dumbing down or dulling of sound. Sometimes music sounds a little dull or tinny to me through headphones but this was very clear and enjoyable. The padding muffles external noise to a degree too even though I had the noise cancelling switched off. I used my phone, LG Spirit.

Overall I really liked this set, it looks attractive, with an excellent protective case for transporting around – who want to risk damage when you’ve laid out £100+? The microphone on one of the jacks ( the red end shown) is very useful, the airplane adapter good for travellers, and I liked the pouch for cables. They’re flat BTW which seems a great way to avoid the usual tangles. I’m neutral over the noise cancelling function, having not tried it in a noisy environment, and maybe the brief whines I got were simply a one off or something I’d not done correctly –  I don’t know what, but tech and I aren’t good playmates. I did think about removing a star for that, but as they work well without and it could be down to user error I haven’t.  I’m pretty certain son number one, a huge music lover, will want these!

Product supplied for review purposes

Stars: Five

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