2″ Tobacco Spice Herb Weed Grinder, VicTop Aroma Essential Oil DiffuserWood Grain

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This arrived well packed along with some other items in a secure box.It comes in its own box, making it the perfect gift for a smoker who does their own tobacco ( I’ll pass on the weed reference!) or keen cooks who want to gring herbs and spices.

Its a solid piece, heavy and very robust and feels it will last years. It comes apart easily for cleaning, and fits well when in use, making the grinding movement easy.

Not being a smoker I tried it for grinding up some spices. Its easy to use, I just shook gently until all the spices had settled in-between the grinding teeth. Then added the lid and swivelled it back and forth till spices through to next section. It left them quite coarse but if I wanted them finer they can be run through a few more times. I also tried some dried bay leaves I had to hand, and they ground up far easier than trying to crumble them. You could make specific herb/spice blends for teas or marinades, casseroles etc with this and keep in jars ready to use. This is quite a small grinder, I’ve used bigger ones but this fits in a pocket easily for those who want that.

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Stars: Five. Quick and easy to use.

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And just in case you’re feeling the effects of that grinder in your lungs…..

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This diffuser arrived well packed. Its a different  design to many I’ve seen and I really like it. Most of the ones I’ve had take 100 ml water but this has a 300 ml capacity, enabling to to run for  up to 10 hours .You can choose among 7 colours, leaving them to rotate or locking on one colour. There are 4  time settings :1 hour/3 hours/6 hours/steady on.

Its very pretty, in a kind of Eastern pot shape, with a wood grain effect outer and the colours showing through the middle band and where the mist comes out.The kids love that the mist isn’t hot, and just drifts slowly to dissipate in the air.   At night the colours really come into their own and look so special. They are more subtle than the images show. It automatically switches off once water container is empty. It’s pretty simple and easy to use, with clear instructions and its easy for me to undo – important given I have arthritis in my hands. Once the top is off then simply add water and a few drops of whatever oil you fancy. Tap water can be used, no special bottles or anything.

I’ve found with these its best to wipe out inside every few uses or an oil residue tends to accumulate. The lights and mist have independent switches and light can be left off if required. The mist has three settings, and the unit three timers and can be programmed for up to six hours. It automatically switches off after it runs out of water with an audible “beep” sound so you know its off.

Its  very quiet when running and very attractive to look at, especially at night. Its light too, so easy to carry from room to room.  Even though it’s light this unit is quite stable and not easily knocked over. It comes with full instructions ( though its really easy to work out). I think these are perfect for every home.

Product supplied for review

Stars: Five

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