Tricks and fun


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I’ve bought these before for the grandkids, and they love them. Him Indoors decided he wanted one so…
Off he went to the local pub and left it on the counter.
Enter barlady:
” Oh no, XX I can’t do that to you”
“what? what can’t you do?”
” its this pen…but, no..”
So she duly picked it up, flicked top and “Ouch! Ouch, Ouch, Ouch..”
Enter customer no 1: XX pushes pen towards him, he picks it up and “ouch! ” and they all snigger,
Customer two: “here look at this pen XX ” “what about it” as he picks it up and “ouch”. Then his wife comes in and he passes it to her. “what?” she says “nothings happening…Arghh, ow, ” cue lots more laughing.
then Landlady enters “oh, one of those joke pens.” She tells them how her daughter caught her out with the joke chewing gum ( I’ve not tried that!)
and absently picks it up and flicks it ” argghh, ow!”
Lots of fun for a small cost. Laughter is good for you.
I did think about giving one to granddaughter who’s always in trouble with a couple of teachers for stupid things, so she could get them but second thoughts – it wouldn’t help even if it did make her feel good.

amazon UK buy link

Bought these for Him Indoors who loves a joke…he put one on the screen of a car in local pub belonging to one of the staff. she usually likes a joke but this worked a bit too well…she was quite angry until she finally took a closer look and realised it was just a joke, and she’d got “driving a dirty vehicle” – it’d been a running joke. You do have to make sure to choose carefully and only to people who like a joke. I’m tempted to pass a couple on to friend who’s married to a traffic warden, but given the abuse the poor man gets from giving legit tickets its probably not a good idea! .

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