Back pack and fruit infuser bottle today

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This isn’t the cheapest of backpacks but given that phones. laptops and tablets can cost hundreds of pounds why skimp on protection when you’re carrying them around? My nan used to say “cheap always comes dear in the end” and its so very true. Buy a cheap backpack and you could end up replacing technology far more than the cost of this bag.

Its made from a nylon fabric which is a robust, close weave, that won’t tear easily and appears to be water resistant, which is needed for outdoor use with our constant UK rain.The stitching is excellent, no loose threads or missed stitches. Its got internal padded pockets for laptops and tablets and a myriad of other pockets both inside and out. I think I’ve shown them all in the photos. Most have zips, and the main opening has a double two way zip, very useful. Its also got a couple of corner ones that open out for access to things you need easily such as phone and keys. No need to rummage through everything inside that way. It comes in black with orange detailing, and has a choice of handles at the top to carry as hand luggage or shoulder pads to wear as a back pack, and both have excellent padding making it a comfortable back to transport.

For those who travel with technology a good back pack isn’t a luxury but a necessity.

Stars: Five, . 

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly. 

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I’m not great on fruit flavoured waters as I find commercial ones taste over sweet and artificial, however with this you have just that hint of whatever fruit you add, and its far better. Its not a heavy flavour, just a slight infusion. It’s great with orange and lemon slices. You could also add things like peppermint leaf or lemon balm too – adding the whole leaves on the stalk if you grow it, means it’ll stay in the container.

I like that the plastic is 100% free from BPA Tritan plastic who wants to make a healthy drink that picks up toxins from the bottle….The makers say its shatterproof and it certainly feels robust. At 27 oz its a great size to take out a drink to last the day. Its got an easy flip up lid for drinking but I would have liked to see an extra lock so it doesn’t accidently get knocked open. Soggy everything in the bag isn’t great to find and I feel a more secure top is wanted and I’ve taken off a star for this. I’d also like a loop for hanging up, but that’s not an essential and hasn’t affected my rating. What I’m really impressed with is that unlike some other bottles I’ve tested this plastic has a little “give” in it so I think its less likely to break if dropped or knocked. My granddaughter had one of the first ones of these I tested, it was great until she knocked it over at school and it fell from quite high and cracked 😦

Its perfect for people on the move, for schools or office, for runners, cyclists and gym, for any sports people. Hydration is very important and this makes it easy.

Stars: four

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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