Litom 2-in-1 Upgraded Super-Bright Solar-Powered Spotlight, Deik Premium Knife Sharpener, Professional 2 Sharpening System, Yellow

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I love solar lights, think we should do far more in the UK with alternative power sources but…anyway, over the last couple of years Solar Lights have become more and more reliable, even in our dull UK sunlight in winter. I’ve got some been in garden all year round since Jan/Feb  2015 that are still going well.

This one arrived well packed, and its pretty simple to use, stick the spike in the base, take outside and place in ground, open up, switch on ( very important – I forgot that in the last ones and was wondering why they didn’t work!!) and forget.

What I like about this particular light is that its got two battery areas, and they’re incorporated into the main body of the lamp. That means the weak spots usually seen on these, the link between battery and light where they join with a couple of exposed wires, has been eliminated. This time simply flip up the top part of the light to reveal both battery areas. I’ve had this charging on my north facing conservatory windowsill ( inside) and its been perfect. I’ll get round to placing it in the garden soon, I’ve the perfect spot, highlighting a massive old pine tree in the front garden.

Despite the conservatory being north facing, and the daylight having to reach the battery through glass its worked well, and stays on for several hours, still having some life in the morning thanks to the auto save function. I use this site as a test as its contrary to all advice, so I know if they work here, in the right area they’ll perform very well, plus of course for me in a wheelchair its accessible even when its raining or snowing outside and I’m grounded indoors…

Its one that’s on or off, two levels of brightness to choose from, not a motion sensor one. Its personal preference which you prefer, I like both for different areas of the home and garden. The dual battery gives a long light time, and I like the standby saving a little storage rather than running completely flat. Its waterproof, as are most of these but the no open wires design makes me more confident that this really is weather proof. Both the light and the battery storage areas are adjustable so as to be best placed for maximum use.

Stars: Five, easy to use, good bright light.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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This arrived in it’s own display box, packed with other items in a larger box.

I love sharp knives, more accidents are actually caused with blunt ones as then people exert more pressure and if it does cut it cuts deep…plus of course a sharp blade makes a job ar easier. All root veg especially Potatoes I find soon blunt a knife so I’m always sharpening mine ( and making someone else peel them!!)


This has a two stage system and each setting is clearly labelled. As well as kitchen knives it can be used for  pocket knives but not scissors, serrated blades or ceramic knives. The handle is very easy to hold, with a soft grip handle shaped to fit palm. I found it very comfortable. It has non skid feet which are helpful if you use on placed on a work surface. I tend to use these by simply holding them, but having read the spec here that’s not the best way. Then simply pull your knife through a few times whichever sharpener you need.

Maybe your knife or scissors are just in need of honing a little, maybe you need both sharpeners for a really neglected or blunt blade. Its easy to hear that its doing its work and if you wipe blade over with a little kitchen roll after use you’ll see tiny specks of metal dust, so you’ll know its working and you’re doing it right.


I keep mine in kitchen on worktop next to knife block. If you keep it in the back of the cupboard you’ll forget it, keep it out and touch up blades in a couple of seconds whenever you need to. Its very robust and should last years. The grinding heads are replaceable but I’ve used a similar one for years and mine hasn’t yet worn out.

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Stars: Five, excellent, every home needs a good knife sharpener

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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