Nail Art set, Super Bright 4 LEDs battery Spotlight, Battery Ceiling light

RUIMIO 15 Nail Brush, 12 Colours Nail Rhinestones, 5 Dotting Pens and Gold / Silver Studs


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I love painted nails, though mine invariably ends up smudged or gets chipped very quickly. Then I discovered Shellac nail polish can be done easily at home ( through a review product ironically) and have been having great fun with those. That lasts ten days to two weeks, even with my rough treatment so when I saw these – well, hurrah! More fun to try.

Its a comprehensive set, with some very fine brushes for detail painting,  tiny gems in different colours and little shapes, hearts and stars etc. to add all sorts of variety. I’m not sure what the sticks with the round ends do…pick up gems for placing I guess but what else? Dotting pens says the description, maybe they leave holes in the varnish to colour later.  A Google search needed 😉

For under seven quid there’s a terrific variety of items here for endless individually crafted nails, and of course all these items and brushes can be used in other craft projects.

I sometimes paint with wax and the round end sticks would be great for that, pulling details out of warm wax which tends to clog up brushes, or for embossing, for applying gold and silver leaf. I’ve just bought some oven bake clays for next time grandkids are here when we’ll be making key rings, pendants, beads etc. and these will be great for decorating them. A quick coat of varnish and something they’ll be really happy with. Of course I will be using them on my nails too…..

Really the things this set offers is almost endless.


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TONBUX® Super Bright 4 LEDs Spotlight Wireless Light + Motion Sensor Waterproof Battery Powered Security Light Powerful Indoor & Outdoor Wall Light for Driveways, Walkways, Porch, Garage – Black


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We’ve a variety of lights outside, some mains powered sensor, some mains powered with straight on/off switch and an increasing number of solar ones. This covers yet another gap, where garden is too dark for solar to be effective and mains power doesn’t reach.


First thing is it takes 4 D cell batteries, and though I keep AA, AAA and the rectangular ones to hand I didn’t have these…so check when you order. Its easy to fit, simply unscrew head, and you’ll see the battery section covered via a clip fitting. Once they’re in and its together you can test by covering the sensor.


The sensor picks up movement very well, so to conserve battery life don’t fit where tree braches will interfere. One of our mains powered kept picking up tree movements and blasting out light all through the night til I did some trimming…so to avoid upsetting neighbours watch out for that as these do give a powerful, bright light. I think their biggest benefit is for outdoor use as I’ve outlined, and the waterproofing makes that ideal.

They can be used indoors of course, fixed where you need them in spaces such as loft, dark cupboard. The sensor picks up movement and stays on for around 30 seconds before shutting off again if there is no further motion. They are adjustable so can be angled for best effect.

This feels very solid and robust and able to stand up to the rigours of outdoor use.spot1 spot2 spot3 spot4

[NEW Release Ceiling Sensor Light] Tonbux® Wireless PIR Motion Sensor LED Night Light Ceiling Light for Indoor/Outdoor

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This came well packed, in a plain brown card box.  and look very similar to a smoke alarm on first glance. It takes 4 type C batteries so check you have them when you order…

I found inserting the batteries a little fiddly and irritating, the plate over them is held on by four plastic type screws, and I prefer a simple clip type fitting. Still, once the back was off, batteries inserted and back replaced it worked well. To fit permanently, fix the backing plate where needed as with a smoke alarm, fixings are provided, and simply twist the cover to connect.

Everyone has a corner or cupboard, maybe a loft space, corner of conservatory or something where you need a light occasionally but its not worth the expense of fitting a permanent one. This little device is perfect for that. It doesn’t need to be fixed to a ceiling of course, a wall is fine or even just propped up against something if you just want a temporary lamp.
The sensor picks up movement from a few metres away and stays on for about 25 seconds after movement stopped, thereby saving battery if like me you always forget to switch things off. The light is good, covers a decent area and allows you to see where things are.
I’ve an under stairs cupboard and this will be perfect for there. Its got a rubber seal so that it can be used outdoors in gazebo’s etc but I don’t feel it would be ideal for permanent outdoor use, just the occasional party maybe when weather is fine. Take care not to lose the seal when replacing batteries!

At £11.99 ( I hate that, why not £12??) it’s great value.

Stars: Four, one star less for that awkward screw battery cover

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