Luxury Diamond Shaped Glass Aroma Diffuser And Essential Oils Gift Set

Luxury Diamond Shaped Glass Aroma Diffuser And Essential Oils Gift Set, Contains Lavender, Teatree And Eucalyptus. Comes With A Recipe Booklet In A Superb Gift Case.


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I love diffusers, never had one till a few months ago, now I’m a convert, along with family and friends. There are so many sizes and shapes, some mains operated others from batteries or USB connectors so there’s one to suit all homes.


This one arrived well packed, in a beautiful display box with moulded inserts, within a larger box with other items.


I’ve had lots for review and only last week had my first glass one, a smaller, frosted glass type but this one is in a class of its own. Its taken the usual design and really looked outside the conventional.

The glass is heavy, making it stable, a beautiful shape, gold coloured and with a textured design. Like most, its simple, lift off lid, add water and whatever you want to use for fragrance and close up. Switch on continuous or intermittent mist and that’s it. Its got an auto shut off when water runs out, so no worries about that.

I use genuine essential oils for fragrance, there are health benfits as well as pleasant aroma, but you can use whatever you like. Fragrance oils are chemical ones that smell like natural oils, but are artificially created and cheaper – I like the real stuff, less chemicals in the air the better. A friend uses a little zoflora disinfectant, another add a bit of her favourite perfume. This set comes with three essential oils included and having used oils from this supplier before I can vouch that they are excellent quality.

If you or family have colds this is great with some mint or eucalyptus oils to help breathing. You’ll find trial and error the right amount to use, some are stronger and 3-4 drops plenty but other need 8-12 drops. I like combinations, so I’ll add clove bud 2 drops and sweet orange, 6 drops, or lemongrass 2 drops and grapefruit 6. Its a matter of how big a space you’re in, how big the tank and how scented you want it to be.

Like most this has an auto shut down after after a specified time – either two or four hours hours, but will automatically shut down if it runs out of water before then – perhaps you’re still using some from the day before or haven’t quite filled the tank, so its stress free.  Periodically its a good idea to wipe out the inside of the tank and the oils do start to coat it.

The mist on these fascinates all the grandkids, its not hot like steam, just a cool mist that is great for rooms in winter when heating dries the air out so much. Its very quiet to use and portable so you can move from room to room. The On/Off button glows either green or blue according to which setting you’ve chosen but thats all as far as colours go for this. Its such a visually attractive design though that they aren’t needed.

Its a great idea to include some oils, first time I’ve seen it and means user can get started soon as it arrives. I’m always impatient and want to use products ASAP….There’s also a really useful booklet about oils, how to blend them, best usage etc.

This has become my favourite diffuser and replaced the one I have on every day in my kitchen. Its so beautifully presented that it makes a perfect gift. The box can be used to store it if wished between uses but I have mine out ready to use, and its such a great design it won’t look out of place or tacky. That means I’ve a lovely sturdy, sensible size magnetic close box to use for something else, and I’ve earmarked it for a craft/sewing box, keep everything together.

Stars: Five.  Product supplied for honest review.

All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

This resouce site gives some really useful info on essential oils and diffusers. I’ve copied some of the relevant info here but the full site can be found at

What are Essential Oils?

Made from the parts of plants, essential oils are typically distilled from the petals, leaves, or stems. Although technically not in the scientific category of “oil” because they are actually a concentrated hydrophobic liquid that comes from the “essence” of the plant. Essential oils give off the strong aroma of the plants they are made from, and they are often used for various natural health purposes. According to many aroma therapists and natural medical practitioners, essential oils can help with dozens (if not hundreds) of different ailments, symptoms, and injuries. Most essential oils are used topically, some can be taken orally, and almost all of them can be diffused into the air for the benefits of aromatherapy. Whether looking to relax with lavender or clear a stuffy nose with peppermint, diffusing essential oils can bring a plethora of benefits to mental and physical health. Essential oils have micro-molecules which make them easy for them to be absorbed by the skin or projected into the air.

Why Do I Need an Essential Oil Diffuser?

In order to get the most out of your essential oils, you’ll want to be able to diffuse them into the air so that you can breathe them in to absorb the benefits into your system. The benefits of aromatherapy are many, including effects on the mental health as well as the physical and even the spiritual. Although scented candles have been the aromatherapy choice for many people, there are many reasons that this is not ideal based on concerns about toxins as well as the safety of an open flame around smaller children. A much more effective way to make your home smell good—and get the added health benefits of essential oils—is by using an essential oil diffuser.

Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

Creating a fine mist which is diffused with water into tiny particles in the air, an ultrasonic diffuser is one of the most effective essential oil diffusers for the cost. This type of diffuser also provides humidifying effects because of the water particles that are emitted into the air with the essential oil. This is particularly beneficial in winter months when the air is dry and needs moisture. There are a variety of brands, colors, and style options to choose from in the category of Ultrasonic essential oil diffusers. Do be careful in making a purchase of an ultrasonic diffuser because many of them have lights and if you plan to use them at night then you’ll want to make sure that the lights can be turned off.

Many fans of ultrasonic diffusers find that they disperse negative ions in the air, which are believed to be healthful by reducing stress, increasing the flow of oxygen, increasing concentration, and even eliminating headaches.

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