RUIMIO Contour Kit Contour Palette Contour and Highlighting Powder Contour Kit -20 Colors

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Well, this came as a shock, I was expecting a set the size of one of those mixed eye shadow ones but its huge! A massive 9 x 6 inches.

It comes in a black slim card box and the set itself is a glossy smart plastic outer with the RUIMIO brand stamped on in gold.

NB: Its advertised as powder but its not, its creams which blend really well. If its powder you want the company do a similar set if powders here

The lid to the set just flips up to open, to reveal the creams in a great variety of shades from white to dark brown, and with some great soft pinks and a green for those like me with a permanent beetroot face!!  As with the other set I’d have liked to see a mirror set in the lid, that would be really useful but…I guess you could buy a stick on one?

The creams  are really soft and easy to lift. I’ve shown a few shades on the back of my hand/wrist, on my darkish coloured skin. The creams can be used neat or easily blended to create exactly the shade you want to give subtle shading and highlighting to define features, and of course blending makes them suitable for almost all skin tones. Included are two double end sponge applicators, a large double end brush and a sponge applicator. Him Indoors thinks the sponge looks like a huge marshmallow sweet and I can see what he means!

Being creams these will need washing out of brushes and applicators after each use, some simple detergent is easy to get them clean and ensure they are dry before storing to avoid mould and smells.

Stars: Five.  Product supplied for honest review.

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LIHAO 3″ Herb Grinder 4 piece grinder for Weed Spice Tobacco Pollen with Storage Container Lifetime Warranty (Black)

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This arrived well packed along with some other items in a secure box.It comes in its own box, with the actual grinder contained in another round metal tin, useful for keeping tobacco fresh and making it the perfect gift for a smoker who does their own tobacco ( I’ll pass on the weed reference!) or keen cooks who want to gring herbs and spices.

Its a solid piece, heavy and very robust and feels it will last years. It comes apart easily for cleaning, and fits well when in use, making the grinding movement easy.

Not being a smoker I tried it for grinding up some spices. Its easy to use, I just shook gently until all the spices had settled in-between the grinding teeth. Then added the lid and swivelled it back and forth till spices through to next section. It left them quite coarse but if I wanted them finer they can be run through a few more times. I also tried some dried bay leaves I had to hand, and they ground up far easier than trying to crumble them. You could make specific herb/spice blends for teas or marinades, casseroles etc with this and keep in jars ready to use. This is quite a small grinder, I’ve used bigger ones but this fits in a pocket easily for those who want that.

Stars: Five. Quick and easy to use.

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Cido 2 Bottle Waistpack Running Belt Sports Waist Bag with a Zipper Pocket for Hiking, Jogging, Cycling, etc.

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Perfect for runners, hikers, cyclists – in fact anyone who does outdoor sports.

Its a robust belt, nice and wide so doesn’t cut into sides as some thinner ones may. Its the first I’ve seen that come supplied with two water bottles which sit neatly in their own pockets, and there’s a zipped compartment for phone and keys. It feels water resistant which is good for UK weather!! From sellers text: The running belt is made of lightweight neoprene which is a durable elastic waterproof material (sweat-proof and rain-proof) keep your valuables dry while you exercise.

The zip is fluorescent, useful for dull days and evening runners. Its got and easy quick snap plastic fastening, that can be adjusted to fit a wide range of  sizes, and sections inside that are covered with small rubber dots to grip clothes and prevent slippage.


Stars: Five.

Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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Viagdo Packable Backpack Lightweight Folding Travel Daypack for Hiking, Camping, Traveling Outdoor Activities (Shiny Green)

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The UK have just introduced a bag charge (which I think is great, save all that plastic in landfill) so this backpack is a great buy. Its waterproof, folds into a tiny pouch with a zip that can be easily tucked in a pocket, and is perfect for carrying around so you’ve always somewhere to put purchases. It’s got a large central capacity, a small inner zipped pocket and an outer second zipped pocket and two mesh side pockets – perfect for drinks bottles for hikers or students.

Its incredibly lightweight, made of a highly rip and water resistant 210D nylon fabric and very strong, so will take groceries, heavy books, packed lunches easily. Its in a bright acid green colour which helps visibility. I would have liked a couple of reflective tabs on this as I’ve seen on others. safety is so important.

Stars: Five.  Product supplied for honest review.

All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.


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