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HOWSAN RGB Moving Landscape Light Valentine’s Day Lamp Multicolor Pattern with 4PCS Switchable Lens LED Lamp Holiday Lighting for Home

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This comes in its own simple, protective box and is just such fun. I’ve had a great time playing with it and I know the grandkids will love it.

Its very simple, choose which of the four lens you want, slip into place, plug in and switch on and hey presto – the room lights up with swirling coloured patterns of your choosing. There’s hearts, snowflakes, christmas decorations and a spooky halloween one. I love the hearts one best, and at night it really looks great. The images are projected very strongly for such a tiny device.

Its small, so its  very easy to just take with you or use wherever you want. Perfect for parties.

Intsun Cute Cartoon Wireless Panda Mouse Mini…

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Arrived well packed,in a sturdy box, with this mouse being in another box that’s great for presentation, making it an excellent gift for those who like me love cordless gadgets. I hated the restrictions of the old, corded mouse so got one of these soon as they were out ( actually the first was a mother’s day present from kids fed up of my moaning abut the stupid cords!!)

It comes in pink or white and I’ve the white one. The remote is small, and stored in the plastic moulded packing so be careful not to drop it on opening. As soon as I inserted it into the USB port on the pc the mouse was working. It doesn’t need batteries, being charged via USB and there’s a short cable included for this. It has an on/off switch on the base – I hadn’t realised at first and was clicking madly waiting for it to work…..Why do we do that? If one click doesn’t work – why would several in quick succession? Though I use the term Click its actually very quiet to use.
Anyway, once I switched it on it was fine, very responsive, easy to use and moves easily on the mat. The panda eyes are left and right click buttons, and the nose makes up the scroll wheel. The mouse itself is a similar size to my current one (Logitech), in a cute Panda design in pink and black with a glossy finish. Kids, and some adults of course, will love this.

Sterline Sonic Power Toothbrush T50 with Three Brushing Modes and a Two-minute Auto-timer

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Arrived in very sturdy packing, cardboard box with moulded plastic inner.

I hate going to the dentist, always convinced I’ll need loads of work though fingers crossed that hasn’t been the case ( though yesterday – just two weeks after last check up I broke a bit of tooth eating a toffee…..I knew I should have resisted it) Product supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

So I use an electric toothbrush and have had my current one for years.well, can you beat the Sterline Sonic Power Toothbrush and produce 31,000 brush strokes per minute???

Mine is showing it’s age now though, needs recharging every couple of days so the chance to buy this at discount for review was very timely. Its terrific, shows how much things have changed over the last few years. Its got three modes of use, v my old on or off choice! It so simply , plug in, charge up and use. Comes with everything you need and three spare heads. If you value your teeth – and you should, get a decent brush and having used this one I can recommend it.

Product received at discount for unbiased review
YANX 11lb/5kg Digital Multifunction Stainless Kitchen Food Scale Cooking Measure Tools Stainless Steel Electronic Weight 0.01 oz Resolution (silver)

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For years I didn’t  have any kitchen scales…it made cooking something of an adventure and the results a little…strange. Still, I managed without , but some months ago got a set similar to this. Its made a massive difference to cakes ect which pleases the grandkids, no more volcano buns or biscuit type birthday cakes. Of course for weight control weighing food is a good idea and I was surprised at what some portions weighed….

They come in a well packaged box, easy to undo, no awful plastic shrink wrap type that nearly takes off fingers when undoing. Its smaller than the one I have, with a sleek brushed steel appearance. Being so small its easy to fit in to drawer or even leave ready to use on worktop. Its easy to clean, no hidden corners or awkward to get to parts, just wipe over the surface and its done. These scales can measure up to 5kg in 1g increments with a high-precision sensor yet the scales weigh only 240g. The display is clear and easy to read.

The weights come in a variety of displays, oz, gm or ml. Its easy to change from one to another, simply press until the desired reading is shown. What I really like best is that you can add a bowl to the scale, and then set to zero, meaning when adding ingredients to the bowl only the additions get measured. Example: place mixing bowl on scale, zero, add sugar and the weight of the sugar only is displayed. You can zero again and add next ingredients so all you need is the mixing bowl. Saves on washing up 😉 and I’m all for that.

You do need two AAA batteries so be ready.

 Brush Hair Straightener, USpicy Silky Straight Hair Styling, Zero Damage, for Silky Frizz-free Hair (450℉/230℃, Adjustable Temperature, Auto Lock, 30-min Timer, Anti-Scald) – Matte Black

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I’ve very long hair, 32 inches…so usually just leave it to dry naturally. Life is too short to spend hours on primping…but this was so quick and easy I’ll be happy to use it. Heated products aren’t great for hair so I left my hair till almost dry then simply brushed out any tangles with my usual brush and then ran this through. I’ve tried a few of these brushes now and this one  seems to pull out less hair than some of the others, maybe because the bristles are set differently and my hair slides through easier?

It comes in an attractive strong display box, very well padded with shaped foam inserts, and the box has a magnetic closure.

Its simple to use, plug in, set heat – and there’s a handy guide for what heat best for your hair type – and then use. It heats up incredibly quickly, just a couple of minutes so by the time I’d brushed out tangles it was ready. I used 190 setting as I don’t like too much heat and thought that was plenty. It’s easy to programme heat, just use + and – buttons, then lock according to instructions to keep heat set at that temp. lt has seven preset temperatures. My hair is pretty straight but the ends tend to kink out, and there’s always little broken hairs along the length that stick out so I was hoping this would give me that sleek and shiny look.

Hair is actually scales when looked at under a magnifying glass and rubbing, backcombing, ect. all ruffle the scales and that’s why it doesn’t shine. Use a good conditioner, and a spray if wanted – I used a serum that you rub on hands and through ends – and then sliding the brush down the hair the warmth and the movement will encourage scales to lay flat and make hair shine. I was impressed at how quickly it worked, and how sleek and shiny my hair looked.

I don’t know about the negative Ions bit – seems to appear in many hair straighteners though I’ve no idea what it means. I didn’t notice any tangling of the cord, then when writing saw its an anti tangle one – clearly that works!


Luxebell® 300W Power Inverter Car DC 12V to 220V AC Inverter Adapter USB Charger Dual USB 4.8A Vehicle Power Supply car adapter laptop charger Camping inverter adapter notebook adapter backup power supply emergency power charger.

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Well, this is a great little device. Arrived well packed and its small and compact and perfect for keeping in the car.

Its dual function, keep it charged up and you’ve a jump start for those mornings when its cold and car won’t start, or like me you started out in dark, ended journey in daylight and forgot to switch off lights. That was some years ago and I came out of work at the end of the day to a flat battery….most cars now have alarms to prevent that but I think it’s still good to have a back up.

Then its other function is as a converter so you can use car battery to power laptops, kindles, phones etc. We’re a tech generation now and the constant use means batteries go flat just when you need them! Sods Law! With this you simply plug in and on a journey you’re using the car battery to run your device, and of course the journey itself is powering the car battery.

I’d keep it topped up and in the car ready for use. It’s small enough to pop under the seat or even in the glovebox. (Why are they called glove box? Does/did anyone keep gloves in there? I don’t – lots of other junk, but then Junk Box doesn’t sound right. Trash Stash maybe? )

Keep in the car ready for use.

VicTop LED Headlamp, Head light with CREE T6 Chip, Three Modes( High light, Low Light, Strobe/SOS), 1000lm, Included Rechargeable Batteries & USB Charging Cable, Perfect for Auto Repair & Maintenance, Emergency, Power Outage, Construction Work, Caving, Running, Jogging, Camping, Reading, Biking, Hunting, Night Walking.

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This arrived in it’s own display box, well packed along with some other items in a larger box. Him Indoors has been using a head torch we bought some time ago for dark mornings and evenings when my horse needs feeding. She lives at the end of our garden and its dark and muddy, so a good torch is essential and one like this that leaves hands free for carrying tubs of food makes life so much easier. We’ve had a few of these now, all very similar but with minor changes that suit different individuals.

This one works really well, its got three settings for the front light, one of white is flashing so useful in all circumstances. Its a bright light, shows everything very clearly. The red light on reverse has two settings, on and flashing. The flash setting is excellent in case of emergency, moving lights really attract the eye. The elasticated straps are very adjustable going from small, without a hat, to medium with a cap, which is what my husband wears. It comes with a USB cable for charging but not a wall adapter. Most people have some around, phones, tablets etc all use them though so that’s not really an issue. This one is waterproof, something I’ve not noticed stated on others but which is of course essential here in the UK ( Default weather setting, Rainy). Perfect for anyone outdoors in poor light.



Products supplied for honest review. All items undergo assessment and testing where needed before I give my opinion, and stars given accordingly.

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