candles and goose neck lamp

HueLiv Real-Flame Effect LED Candles, Classic Paraffin Wax Pillar Candles, Vanilla Scented, Battery Operated with Timer, Free Remote Control, Ivory White, 1 Set of 3pcs (Size 3.5”x5”/7”/9”)

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Arrived well packed,in a sturdy box, with a box for each candles, containing moulded inners to protect from damage.

I really wasn’t expecting these so be So Realistic looking. They look and feel like real candles, with the outer feeling like a typical church candle and scented with real vanilla fragrance. Vanilla seems to be used in so many perfumed products now, and very often I hate it – I love the smell (and taste) of real vanilla but usually its some chemically recreated formula that has a sickly, sweetish unpleasant aroma, and makes me feel nauseous. This though – perfect, fresh and very soft. I had one candle “burning” for a few hours and the fragrance stayed the same, a gentle subtle scent. When I went to switch off I actually forgot it wasn’t real and leaned forward to blow it out, that’s how realistic they look !! The “flame” is simple a shaped piece of plastic but when candles are on it moves gently and a light set at one side makes it look exactly like a real flame.

Easy to use, though there are instructions. Each candle needs 2 x D batteries so check you’ve got six when you order as if you’re like me I want to try everything yesterday ( I now keep a box of various batteries by my desk ready to test anything I get for review…) Insert the batteries in the base, switch to “on” and that’s it. If you want to use the Timer function, switch to Timer, use the remote to set  and the candles stay on for five hours, go off for 19 hours and then come on again next day. It repeats this cycle until reset – which is just turning to Off and then either On or Timer at the new time.

They can be wiped over with a soft damp cloth to clean, they feel like real wax with that slightly tacky feel so I guess they will get dusty as real ones do. As the outer has real wax in its recommended to keep away from direct sunlight and artificial heat. I paint with wax, and know its melting point is around 130c so normal use is fine, it’s only right next to a radiator or in a window where sun gets magnified you might have issues with the wax softening a little.


If like me you love candles but worry about fire these are the perfect answer, looking and feeling just like real ones. I love to have them in the window at Christmas but worry about curtains, and draughts causing fire so these will get used and I don’t need to worry. They are expensive but if you want ones that look and feel like real candles they are worth it.


ca1 ca2 ca3 ca4 ca5 ca6

Intsun Set of 9 Pcs Melted Edge Flameless LED Candles with Remote Control, LED tea lights, Mini Flickering Unscented Candles lights for wedding, birthday, party, room decoration, Yellow Light

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Arrived well packed,in a sturdy box, with a moulded insert to hold candles in place.

These are very simple to use, simply switch candle on via switch on the base, and they’re away. There are instructions you really don’t need them. The remote has battery included too and offers a choice of fast or slow flicker, and the candles can be brightened or dimmed as required. The candles come with batteries included which is a welcome treat, and they can be replaced easily being standard CR2450  though last for around 100 hours.

If you love candles but worry about flames these are a great idea for a small price. From a distance they look very realsitic and there are enough to make a really original and effective display for parties etc. or just to create a romantic atmosphere for a special evening.

c1 c2 c3 c4

Intsun 5W Eye Protection Dimmable LED Light Lamp, 3-Level Brightness Adjustable with Touch Sensitive Control, 6000-6500K Daylight White, Flexible Gooseneck Table Lamps, Reading Lamps, Bedroom Lamps (White)

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Arrived promptly, well packed in a sturdy box, along with other items in a larger box.

This come in a choice of black or white and I have the white one.

I really like it, a simple idea to use in places where you haven’t an electric socket. we never seem to have ones in the right places and endless extension leads look untidy and aren’t great when I wheel over them in my chair….they’re a trip hazard too.

This one has its own battery which can be charged via a USB cable, though like many of the diffuser cables its USB one end and a ring type socket at the other – I’ve no idea what its called but you can see from my images what I mean. That means charging via PC if using to help see keyboard etc or an adapter like the phone/kindle ones. I also used it with a battery bank, as I’ve several and it means then it really is easy to use anywhere and will work for a long time depending on the power bank size.

I can see other feel the light isn’t good. I found it OK, its got a choice of settings, simply tap the On button to dim or increase light and at the brightest I felt it was good, and the lower setting perfect for just a soft glow in the room, or reading. I find too bright a light hurts my eyes when I’m reading, seems odd to decrease the light on my kindle at night, inverse to what I expected, but this is the same in that as daylight dims then I need to decrease the lamp to be comfortable reading.

The gooseneck function means its great for positioning exactly where you want, and it felt very stable. I did smile when I first opened it as the lamp was curled over in such a way its obvious why it gets its name, it looked just like a goose with its neck curved and head tucked under…. I found it an attractive and functional lamp.


gl1 gl2 gl3 gl4 gl5

Products supplied for review purposes.

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