Burger Press, Whetstone and Stick On Light

Burger Press, E-PRANCE Aluminum Hamburger Maker, Non Stick Patty Mold, Ideal for BBQ

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Well, maybe, just maybe we’ll get a warm – hot even – summer here on the norfolk coast. Seems ages since we had a summer where we had lots of BBQs. Still, burgers are everyone’s choice, even the vegetarians with the thousands and thousands of recipes available, and can be enjoyed just ad much inside. I tend to buy lamb, chicken or beef mince, re-mince it so it’s fine and add herbs, tomato puree etc to suit, maybe an egg and some breadcrumbs, shape and that’s it. Its the shaping though that gets me, I seem to end up with odd sized and odd shaped burgers, and now with this I’ll finally be able to get them to look as good as they taste!

It’s such a simple idea, a ridged mould and press, screw on handle so it’s easy to store, and because its so simple cleaning after is simple too. I hate gadgets that take forever to clean, they get used a couple of times then consigned to the back of a cupboard. Not this one though – I’m looking forward to some creative cooking. Maybe some chickpea, spring onion, butternut squash type combos for my veg daughter. Or mixed mushrooms, breadcrumbs, garlic…the recipes are as endless as your imagination.

Simple ideas are often the best.

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Whetstone, E-PRANCE 240/1000 Double-sided Corundum Sharpening Stone for Coarse Sharpening and Fine Honing – Yellow and Blue by E-PRANCE

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Like most people I’ve got a conventional knife sharpener, one of those two sided types where you draw the knife blade along and it sharpens as you go. They are of course very generic and made for ease of use, not for the perfect edge. They work well but for true edge you need a whetstone.

My dad was a carpenter and I’d love watching him sharpen chisels and the blades for his planes. ( I loved it when he did the biggest – Big Bertha he called her, and when the blade was freshly sharpened it would give long, curled ribbons of wood after use. I’d collect them to touch, see and smell. Guess the art appreciation side was active even as a kid.

Dad had a whetstone set on a wooden holder, and an inset on the bench top to stop it sliding. He’d add a little oil, and then work round and round in a repetitive action sharpening the blades to a razor fine edge. Its not so much the stone that sharpens as the oil mixed with the sludge that’s produced. The finer the stone the finer the edge produced, and this one is a basic one at 240/1000.

Use as instructed, soak in water first – I don’t know why? have to Google that :-), add a little oil and away you go. Use the 240 side then flip over and repeat on the other, sharpening both sides of your knife. The gel base gives a good grip and stops it slipping. The planes and chisels only needed one side doing but knives need both. I’m keen to get all my knives out and use this, also the axe we use for wood chopping. Sharp edges to knives are actually safer so long as you take basic care and common sense – don’t test a sharp blade with your finger..”ouch – it cut me” Not Good! It’s the pressure used on blunt knives that cause most damage.

A good basic inexpensive whetstone

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PIR Motion Sensor Light, E-PRANCE Stick-on Anywhere Under Cabinet Light/Closet Light/Stairs Light – Bar Shaped

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Simple, compact little light that can be stuck on or screwed into place. Unlike many stick on ones the adhesive on this is very good and I’ve got it stuck in an understairs cupboard used for storage. Like most of these places the room light doesn’t reach in enough and now instead of groping round in the gloom I can see what I want to get!

This takes 3 x AA batteries so again, check you have them when you order. Once they’re in, simply clip the unit to the backing plate and place where needed. That’s it. Its got two modes of operation, an on/off switch or a sensor function.

I found the sensor function was very ineffective, sometimes it would pick up motion, other times even when I was right in front it didn’t work. Still, I really just use the on/off so it’s not a problem for me, but I have deducted one star for that. The light emitted is effective at lighting the area and a soft light so for reading etc it won’t make eyes ache.

Stars: Four. Its a simple and effective light, but the sensor needs attention.

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Product supplied for review purposes.

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