USB Digital Microscope Endoscope and Professional Pet Deshedding Tool and Grooming Brush

USB Digital Microscope Endoscope with Stand for Education Biological Inspection

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This arrived well packed in a display box with other items. Its something I think older kids will love.

As usual I plugged USB in and waited…and waited. Usually a box prompts me but this time nothing. I tried inserting the disc but still not working so I was stuck. Looked on connected devices etc and still found nothing and that’s the extent of my tech skills,* blush* but luckily it was mother’s day on sunday and the grandkids were visiting and able to assist.
Daz, the oldest at 17 got the plea for help. He’s used to that, rolled his eyes a bit but smiled, plugged it in, went to Apps and opened camera and – yep – there it was, all ready to be used. No need for disc, just common sense. He did show me what he did but this morning – two days later – I still forgot, but finally remembered the magic words “Open Camera Nan” and found it!

So, I had a play around, zoomed in on a few things, a hair, a ring, skin, ( and a tiny scratch, wow!!) the edge of a stamp. Clicked the mouse on the camera logo and it snapped a pic. You can do videos the same way too. The zoom and lights are easy to work, and all simple to find once I’d played around for a few mins. Putting it together wasn’t easy though, didn’t take long and wasn’t hard to do but was fiddly, and  I really needed three hands to hold the stand at the base and top while also turning the screw. Did it after dropping one side or the other a few times 🙂

I use Win 10 and a bog standard PC. I use Paint for images – basic but does for now. One day I’ll buy a better version but for now I’d rather spend money elsewhere. I miss my old – very, very old paintshop pro free version but lost it when previous pc died finally.

Stars: Five, its great fun and I think kids will love it. and probably even the youngest would work it out quicker than me!

Product supplied for review purposes.

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Professional Pet Deshedding Tool and Grooming Brush – Reduces Pet Hair In Your Home by up to 95% in Minutes – Shedding Brush For Long & Short Hair Cats & Dogs – 10 Year Guarantee

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This arrived well packed in a display box with other items.Its easy to assemble, simple clip the two parts together.

10 YEAR UNBREAKABLE GUARANTEE – The Fur Fury is made from the highest quality materials to ensure it lasts. If you can somehow manage to break it, we’ll replace it! That statement makes a huge impact on me,having spend double this on one of these for my horse a couple if years back. It was great, she loved it and it got out Masses of hair – with a very hairy Icelandic horse that’s really helpful. We all sport dark horsehair on clothes from March to May usually….but then it snapped, and my attempts to mend it resulted in me supergluing fingers together and hand to worktop!! And i thought I was being really careful…

Its a simple device,. Simply snap head onto handle and use. Its got close together metal teeth that work really well at pulling out loose hair and debris from coats. So having put it together we tried this out on my daughter’s two dogs this weekend, a lab x spaniel and a lab x pomeranian. It worked really well and both loved it. That came as a surprise because Flash, the older one, lab/spaniel hates being groomed, but he sat quite happily while this was brushed over and over along his back. Got out lots of hair, especially that fluffy underhair that sticks to everything. I’m going to try it on Muska the horse soon as weather improves, sadly currently garden is a bog and my trike I need to get to her can’t get through it. I’ll add images one I’ve done it.

Stars: Five, works really well, ten year guarantee is great. No need to spend £30+ on similar ones that break as mine did.

Product supplied for review purposes.

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